Which 5 planets are in Star Wars?

On-screen examples include Tatooine, Yavin, Hoth, Bespin, Endor, Geonosis, Utapau, Mustafar, and Kessel.

What planet is Star Wars?

Coruscant (/ˈkɒrəsɑːnt/) is an ecumenopolis planet in the fictional Star Wars universe….

Star Wars location
Created by George Lucas
Genre Science fiction

What is the coolest Star Wars planet?

Star Wars: The 10 Best Planets In The Franchise

  1. 1 Tatooine. Easily the most iconic planet in the Star Wars universe is Tatooine, the dusty desert planet where Luke Skywalker was raised by his aunt and uncle.
  2. 2 Coruscant.
  3. 3 Hoth.
  4. 4 Mandalore.
  5. 5 Kashyyyk.
  6. 6 Bespin.
  7. 7 Mustafar.
  8. 8 Jedha.

How many habitable planets are there in Star Wars?

3,200,000,000 habitable star systems
There were 7,100,000,000 stars in the known galaxy, with approximately 3,200,000,000 habitable star systems. Only about a billion of these systems had life.

What is the smallest planet in Star Wars?

Endor, the smallest of the bodies to appear in the original trilogy, has a diameter of 4,900 km which makes it very slightly larger than our solar system’s smallest planet, Mercury which has a diameter of 4,879 km.

What is the coldest planet in Star Wars?

Hoth is an ice planet in the Star Wars fictional universe. It first appeared in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back and has also been a setting in Star Wars books and video games….

Genre Science fiction
Type Ice planet

What planet is Luke Skywalker from?

Tatooine farmboy
Luke Skywalker was a Tatooine farmboy who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the greatest Jedi the galaxy has ever known. Along with his friends Princess Leia and Han Solo, Luke battled the evil Empire, discovered the truth of his parentage, and ended the tyranny of the Sith.

Where is Earth in the Starwars universe?

While it doesn’t play a major part in the Star Wars universe, Earth has appeared in canon and non-canon material. So, the answer is “no status.” Since Star Wars takes place in a different galaxy, and humans had no space travel long, long ago…

What planet is Darth Maul from?

Opress brought Maul back to his homeworld of Dathomir, where the Nightsister Mother Talzin used dark magicks to restore the fallen Sith’s mind and body. Maul reemerged, took Opress as his apprentice, and became obsessed with Kenobi.

What is the best planet in Star Wars?

the capital!

  • Kashyyyk. Wookie World!
  • Naboo. Take a trip to the lake country!
  • we hear.
  • The Forest Moon of Endor. Land of the Ewoks.
  • Alderaan. No longer accepting visitors.
  • Ilum. An ice planet with lots of useful crystals.
  • but a lot of action.
  • Corellia.
  • Mustafar.
  • What are the names of the planets in Star Wars?

    Tatooine, Alderaan, Hoth, Bespin, and Yavin are names of Star Wars planets that all fans are quite familiar with nowadays.

    What are the main planets on Star Wars?

    Darth Maul and his double bladed lightsaber – but it would also introduce

  • one may already look very familiar.
  • Kashyyyk.
  • Alderaan.
  • Starkiller Base.
  • Geonosis.
  • Kamino.
  • What planets are in Star Wars galaxy?

    Star Wars Galaxies allows the player to visit various planets of the Star Wars universe. Most planets can have player cities and also feature planet-specific weather effects, such as sandstorms on Tatooine . The game allows the player to visit 10 planets: Tatooine, Naboo, Talus, Rori, Corellia, Lok, Dantooine, Dathomir, Endor and Yavin 4.

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