Are landscaping boulders expensive?

$100 a stone is an average price. A granite boulder may cost from $50 to $200 depending on its size and uniqueness.

How much does it cost to put a boulder in your yard?

Install landscape boulders: national average cost The national average materials cost to install landscape boulders is $116.10 per ton, with a range between $110.43 to $121.77. The total price for labor and materials per ton is $150.22, coming in between $125.63 to $174.80.

Can you use boulders in landscaping?

Use specialty boulders for dramatic effect. You can select and place single boulders of different mineral composition to produce variety in texture and color in your landscape or garden. Or, you can create texture or color groupings to add visual impact to an area. Often your choice may be due to the shape of the rock.

How much does a 2 ft boulder weigh?

Boulder Sizing and Weight Estimation. The average weight of a sandstone boulder is approximately 150 pounds per cubic foot. Limestone boulders and granite boulders in most cases weigh more. They average about 175 pounds per cubic foot.

How do you place large boulders in landscape?

“Boulders should always be set a few inches below grade,” says Bowen, “the size and shape of the particular boulder will dictate just how deep it should be buried.” Setting all the boulders in a landscape with the flat side up will create a mundane and methodical look that does not mimic nature.

How much does a 12 inch boulder weigh?

Handling the Boulders For example a 12″ rock weighs about 100 lbs a 18″ rock weighs about 300 lbs and a 24″ rock weighs about 700 lbs.

Is there a Landscape Supply Company in Portland?

As one of the largest landscape supply companies in the Portland Metro Area, we are stocked with materials for projects of all sizes. Family owned and operated since 1980, CLS has many experienced and knowledgeable staff members on hand at all times, who are dedicated to helping customers find exactly what they need.

Which is the best landscaping company in Oregon?

The All Oregon Team delivers a high quality landscaping experience with excellent recurring customer service.” Over 100 years of Landscape experience in Oregon and Washington. We look forward to working with you.

What can I get from Clackamas landscape supply?

Clackamas Landscape Supply offers a large and diverse line of products, ranging from barkdust and gravel, to pavers, boulders, and patio stone. As one of the largest landscape supply companies in the Portland Metro Area, we are stocked with materials for projects of all sizes.

How many people work at all Oregon landscaping?

We have an exceptional installation staff of 25-30 individuals who have worked on the simplest to the most complex projects. Our designers know that your landscape should be an extension of your indoor living space.

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