What is Kuna device?

Kuna is an app-based home security platform that powers a range of DIY smart devices like outdoor cameras, lights and motion sensors so they fit seamlessly into your home. When activity is detected, you’ll receive notifications from your Kuna app right on your phone or tablet.

Is Kuna and Maximus the same?

Kuna Light. The Maximus and Kuna Light are two cameras that both function off of the Kuna app and Kuna Cloud. Although these two models work on the same platform and are owned by the same company, we do feel that the Maximus Floodlight has the edge with slightly better features overall.

What is Kuna peace of mind?

Peace of mind, one breakthrough at a time. In the future, Kuna AI will be able to recognize the mailman at the door, the kids in the backyard or the stranger lingering near your porch. Because Kuna is a security operating system, you’ll receive updates immediately without having to touch your physical devices.

How do I reset my Kuna camera light?

Please turn off your device (using the light switch it’s connected to) and wait at least 10 seconds. Then, turn the light switch back on. After the power is back on, the status LED at the bottom of your Kuna should flash from red to green (yellow if it’s a Toucan camera), and then to solid blue in about a minute.

How do I turn off my Kuna camera?

To turn the light bulb on or off, open the live feed of your device (by clicking on the thumbnail from the Devices tab). Once the live feed is open, you can turn the light bulb on and off by pressing the light bulb button.

How much is the Kuna app?

How much is Kuna monthly? You can use the Kuna app for free. If you want a Kuna Premium subscription, the service starts at just under $8 per month. Or you can pay annually for a discount at around $60 per year.

Can the ring doorbell be hacked?

Amazon Ring fixed a security vulnerability in its Ring doorbell last year that could have potentially allowed hackers access to homeowners’ networks through Wi-Fi passwords. Our security team has investigated this incident and we have no evidence of an unauthorized intrusion or compromise of Ring’s systems or network.

How much does it cost to install security lights?

On average, expect to pay between $300 and $400 to install these security lights….Motion Sensor Lights Prices.

Motion Sensor Lights Costs
National average cost $370
Average range $300-$400
Minimum cost $220
Maximum cost $550

Is Kuna a good brand?

They are well built and look very nice – much nicer than alternatives like the Ring doorbell. I had no problems connecting them to my router and getting the Kuna app to work with them. The video quality is very good and the audio is good too.

How do you turn off Kuna?

Turning Off a Companion LED To do this, please insert a small pin or toothpick into the hole opposite your status LED and click the small button in there just once. You should hear a clicking sound and will only need to press it for a short time (no more than 1 second) to get the LED to switch off.

How do I remove KUNA camera?

To delete your camera, tap the gear icon in the camera thumbnail (on the Devices page of the Kuna App). Scroll down to the bottom of your camera settings page, then tap “Delete Device”. Select “Continue” on the next page if you’re ready to complete the deletion.

How do I connect my Kuna to WIFI?

Setting Up Your New Smart Security Light

  1. Step 1 – Download the Kuna App.
  2. Step 2 – Create an Account.
  3. Step 3 – Log In To Your Kuna Account.
  4. Step 4 – Pair Your Smart Security Light to Your Account.
  5. Step 5 – Choose a Name for Your Device.
  6. Step 6 – Connect Your Smart Security Light to Wi-Fi.

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