What is gold foam?

In contrast to its conventional form, however, the gold foam is soft and malleable by hand. It comprises 98% air and only 2% solid material. This solid material is more than four-fifths gold, corresponding to around 20 carat gold, with milk protein making up the remainder.

Why are foams so expensive?

Here’s why Foamposites are so expensive. With a $750,000 price tag on the mold alone, it’s easy to see why the price of the Foamposite is so steep—especially once the cost of labor, packaging, shipping, or marketing, and margins are added in.

How much do foams cost?

Prices for Foamposites throughout history range from $170 (the original price for the Pro) and $275 (the highest price ever, the 2015 “Chromeposite”).

When did the gold Foamposites come out?

Look for the Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Metallic Gold” to release on October 19th at select Nike Sportswear retailers. The retail price tag is set at $230 USD.

What is the lightest foam?

What material is 75 times lighter than Styrofoam and could one day be used to reduce the weight of rechargeable car batteries?

What is the lightest gold?

It is the lightest gold nugget ever created. “The so-called aerogel is a thousand times lighter than conventional gold alloys. It is lighter than water and almost as light as air,” says Mezzenga.

Are Foamposites waterproof?

On-court favorites such as the Air Foamposite One are perfect for the constain rain, while newer models such as the Lunarglide+ 5 are available in waterproof builds to repel all sorts of weather conditions.

Are Foamposites dead?

Once again Nike saw an opportunity in the Foams and unleashed of cluster of frivolous colorways; not only that but they also increased the price ( which is now $230) and it eventually killed the market value of the shoes. …

What is the strongest lightest material?

A team of MIT researchers have created the world’s strongest and lightest material known to man using graphene. Futurism reports: Graphene, which was heretofore, the strongest material known to man, is made from an extremely thin sheet of carbon atoms arranged in two dimensions.

Is carbon fiber lighter than foam?

In fact, in 2011 researchers in California unveiled a new material comprised of a “micro lattice” of interconnected hollow tubes, each measuring 1,000 times thinner than a human hair and about 100 times lighter than Styrofoam [source: HRL].

What kind of clothes do you wear with gold foams?

Gold Foams sneaker tees shirts clothing apparel for Nike Foamposites. Gold Foamposites Sneaker tees and streetwear clothing designed to match and wear with Gold Foams.

What kind of foam can universal gold be used with?

It is suitable for use with foam compatible dry powder extinguishing agents. Fuel type, proportioning accuracy and incident dynamics should be considered when selecting percentage use concentration. Universal Gold 1%/3% is an AR-AFFF concentrate with a special biosynthesized polymer. This polymer is designed to fulfill two functions.

When to use 1% or 3% National Foam?

This proven formulation demonstrates National Foam’s commitment to superior flexibility, firefighting performance, and environmental responsibility. Universal Gold 1%/3% is used at 1% or 3% to extinguish hydrocarbon fires, and 3% for polar-solvent (water-miscible) fires and oxygenated fuel blends.

What’s the origin of the Nike Foamposite shoe?

The Foamposite has its roots in Nike’s 1990s golden age of innovation. Eric Avar’s goal with this shoe was to make a sneaker that fit perfectly, more like a glove than a standard shoe. Unlike traditional stitched shoes, the Nike Foamposite’s upper is molded and starts off as a liquid.

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