How much does a sinus lift and implant cost?

How Much Does A Sinus Augmentation Cost? The cost for a sinus lift is usually between $1,500 for a small and simple lift to $5,000 for more complicated cases. Where there is more bone graft material required, the cost of the surgery typically increases.

Is sinus lift necessary for implants?

The body receives signals that the bone is no longer needed for support or to pass nutrients, and as a result, bone tissue is resorbed. This means not only less bone, but what’s there is often of poor quality. When this is the case, a sinus lift may be necessary before proceeding with implants.

What are the side effects of a sinus lift?

The most common side effects of treatment are swelling along the gum line, tenderness, and possibly slight bleeding from the gums and/or nose. It is important to avoid forcefully blowing the nose during the initial stage of sinus lift recovery.

Can a sinus lift and implant be done at the same time?

In some cases, the implant can be placed at the same time the sinus is augmented. Undergoing sinus lift surgery has been shown to greatly increase your chances for successful implants that can last for years to come. Many patients experience minimal discomfort after this procedure.

How painful is a sinus lift procedure?

In general, a sinus augmentation or sinus lift is not necessarily painful, but uncomfortable. During the procedure, a patient is unlikely to feel any pain but after, a patient should expect slight discomfort for a short period of time.

Are you put to sleep for sinus lift?

Sinus lift surgery is generally performed under intravenous anesthesia; however, some patients may request local anesthesia or oral sedatives.

Does a sinus lift change facial appearance?

Once a person has a successful sinus lift, they can get dental implants to replace missing teeth. Sinus lifts can also prevent structural changes to the face that can occur over time. When you lose some of the bone in your jaw, your face structure changes. This could alter your smile and look.

What can you not do after a sinus lift?

Sinus Lift Patients Do NOT blow your nose for at least 7 days, as the pressure will delay or damage your sinus healing. If you have to sneeze, do NOT hold it back — sneeze out.

What happens after a sinus lift and bone graft?

Because your graft was in the upper jaw, you can expect swelling and discomfort up into the nose and even under the eyes and cheeks. Bruising and discoloration is not unusual. Crushed ice or equivalent should be placed in a plastic bag then in a washcloth and placed on the face.

What happens if you sneeze after a sinus lift?

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