What is a four letter word with R?

4-letter words starting with R

raad Rabb
rabi raca
race rach
rack RACQ
racy rada

What words have Rh?

10-letter words that start with rh

  • rhetorical.
  • rheumatoid.
  • rhinoceros.
  • rheumatism.
  • rhinestone.
  • rhinovirus.
  • rhinoscopy.
  • rhapsodize.

What words can I make with R?


  • rack.
  • racy.
  • rads.
  • raff.
  • raft.
  • raga.
  • rage.
  • What starts with ar?

    12-letter words that start with ar

    • architecture.
    • articulation.
    • aromatherapy.
    • arsenopyrite.
    • artilleryman.
    • argillaceous.
    • archdeaconry.
    • arborization.

    Why do words start with Rh?

    “Rh” actually came from the Greek letter “rho” or “ρ”, and is pronounced the way it is today. Words having this ‘rh” also include “rhombus”.

    Is Rh a scrabble word?

    No, rh is not in the scrabble dictionary.

    What is a 5 letter word starting with AR?

    5-letter words starting with AR

    araba Arabs
    ardor Ardra
    ardri aread
    areae areal
    Arean arear

    What is a 5 letter word starting with R?

    5-letter words starting with R

    Raads Raahe
    ragde raged
    ragee rager
    rages ragga
    raggs raggy

    How many letters do you start out with in Scrabble?

    Each player draws 7 letters and places them on his or her letter rack. The first player must play his or her first word on the center square of the board, the spot that has a ‘star’ on it. All words must be two or more letters long. Words are played either vertically or horizontally.

    What are some kind words that start with the letter R?

    Importantly, alphabet “R” is the only letter in the basic modern English alphabet in which the uppercase has a closed section and the lowercase does not. Some commonly used words starting with alphabet “R” are: rich, railway, rabbit, rally, rescue, right, renovate, romance, reseller, respiration, run.

    What are letters used in Scrabble?

    English-language editions of Scrabble contain 100 letter tiles, in the following distribution: 2 blank tiles (scoring 0 points) 1 point: E ×12, A ×9, I ×9, O ×8, N ×6, R ×6, T ×6, L ×4, S ×4, U ×4. 2 points: D ×4, G ×3. 3 points: B ×2, C ×2, M ×2, P ×2.

    What are Scrabble word has the most points?


  • Muzjiks: A Russian peasant.
  • Qi: The energy of life flowing through the body.
  • Qat: A shrub that grows in the Middle East and Africa.
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