What can I use instead of a backsplash?

Six Alternatives To The Tile Backsplash That Are Practical

  • Venetian Plaster. I’ve already spilled how much I love this material after I applied to our living room wall.
  • Glass.
  • Thermoplastic backsplash.
  • Stone Slabs or Panels.
  • Metal (copper or stainless steel)
  • Vinyl wallpaper.
  • Chalkboard paint.
  • Reclaimed Wood.

How much does peel and stick backsplash cost?

Adding a peel-and-stick backsplash to the wall behind a kitchen or bathroom counter is a quick way to update the room’s entire look and feel. It’s also relatively inexpensive; you can expect to pay $8 to $12 for a set of six vinyl peel-and-stick panels that will cover approximately 6 to 8 linear feet of wall.

How much peel and stick backsplash do I need?

Multiply the width and height to find the total area in inches, then divide by 144 to find the amount of square feet needed (amount of inches in a square foot). For example, if your space is 48″ (width) x 18″ (height) = 864. 864/144 = 6 square feet. Be sure to measure every area that needs tile and add them together!

Which is the best backsplash for the kitchen?

#Kitchen Idea of the Day: Today’s backsplash storage options are versatile and diverse, ranging from cookbook stands and paper towel holders to spice racks and utensil hooks, all positioned for quick access and easy reach. More Backsplash Ideas. (By ALNO, AG) #Kitchen Idea of the Day: A slab stone backsplash is scorch-proof and easy to clean.

What can I use to make my backsplash look cheap?

Use a stencil to create perfect patterns that mimic the look of expensive cement tiles. For best results, use epoxy paint or a paint specifically intended for tile. Use wallpaper to add pattern to your backsplash without the hassle of installing tile. This terrazzo-motif wallpaper mimics the texture of the pricey material at a fraction of the cost.

Which is the most expensive backsplash to install?

Installation can be easily the most expensive backsplash cost if you hire a professional to do it. Learn how to tile a backsplash yourself to save the cash. These simple tips make it easy. A simple reclaimed brick backsplash is a perfect counterpoint to a kitchen full of sleek surfaces.

What kind of backsplash to put behind Vanity?

A behind-the-vanity backsplash also adds personality to your bathroom. A glass backsplash provides a stunning shine. Match the backsplash to the existing floor tile or redo your decor to go with it.

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