How much is a Opal card fine?

If you are caught travelling without a valid ticket (i.e. not tapped on successfully with your Opal card or did not purchase a single trip ticket), not paying the correct fare or travelling using a concession ticket without your proof of entitlement card, you may be issued with a fine of $200 (with a maximum of $550).

What is the fine for not having an Opal card?

If you are caught travelling without a valid ticket, not paying the correct fare or travel using a concession ticket without being in possession of your proof of entitlement card, you may be issued with a fine of $200 (Maximum $550).

How do I check if I have a fine NSW?

I’ve lost my infringement or penalty notice, can I still check? If you have lost the payment or document reference number listed on your notice, you can still enquire about and pay your fine. If your fine is not yet overdue, you can call Revenue NSW on either 1300 138 118 or 02 7808 6940 or via the Fine Enquiry Form.

Is fare evasion a criminal Offence in Australia?

Is taxi fare evasion a criminal offence? Passengers who do not pay their fares are breaking the law. Fare evasion is covered by ‘obtaining financial advantage by deception’ in the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic). Fare evasion is not a civil matter.

What is the minimum amount on an Opal card?

For Adult Opal cards the minimum balance is $10, and for all other Opal cards the minimum balance is $5. You will need to register your Opal card by creating an account. You can then setup auto top up by adding a credit or debit card to your new account.

Can you get fined for damaging a train in NSW?

You can be given fines for offences committed on public transport, such as: damaging or vandalising a train. Railcorp Transit Officers or NSW Police can give fines on public transport. Fines for public transport offences are called ‘penalty notices’. Councils have the power to fine you for a number of offences, including:

Where can I pay for public transport fines in Australia?

In person: Fines can be paid in person at any Australia Post Office outlets. Please bring your current payment slip with you when making a payment. By phone: Call 1300 303 505 to make a payment over the phone. This pay-by-phone service only accepts credit card payments.

Who are fines and fees collected for in NSW?

We process fines and fees for local councils, NSW Police Force, Sydney Trains, hospitals, universities, and various statutory boards and trusts. We collect ambulance fees for the Ambulance Service of NSW and other government agencies.

When do you get fined for a traffic offence in NSW?

If you have already been fined by a court, see After Court. One of the most common reasons you may be fined is if you disobey a traffic law, for example: driving through a red light. NSW Police or Transport for NSW (TfNSW) (formerly known as Roads and Maritime Services or RMS) can give fines for traffic offences.

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