Can you register an iClicker twice?

Yes, you may register multiple remotes for any reason.

What can I do with my old iClicker?

Students may return iClicker products to a bookstore with proof of purchase. For products purchased for a department or in a class set, the client will need to contact us to request a replacement and return the defective unit to us for analysis.

Can you reuse iClickers?

After students are done with their iClickers, they can be reused by someone else after they register them. Once a new user registers, all records of the original user will be replaced.

How do I find my iClicker ID number?

Your iClicker remote ID is printed on a sticker located on the back of your remote. The ID is the 8-character code below the barcode. Newer original iClicker remotes have a secondary ID location behind the battery compartment and iClicker 2 remotes display the ID upon power up.

Can I use my phone as an iClicker?

Bring your own device Use your iPhone or Android device to participate in iClicker polls and quizzes.

Do you have to pay to register iClicker?

Currently, only students who register on will pay a fee. In subsequent terms, students who register within an LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, D2L) will also have to pay the registration fee. Student who purchase a new remote are able to register at no charge.

Can I sell my clicker?

Yes. Once you are done with your clicker, it can be resold.

What is an iClicker 2 used for?

What is it? An iClicker is a radio frequency device that allows a student to anonymously respond to questions your instructor poses in class. This lets you and your instructor quickly know how well you understand the lesson material.

Can you sell a used iClicker?

Sell Used iClickers Sell your iClickers online for cash. When you sell to us we provide instant price quotes, free shipping labels and fast payment via Check or PayPal. The best way to see if we are buying your iClickers is to search by the ISBN number that is usually found above the books barcode.

Can you use iClicker on your phone?

iClicker can be used to allow students to answer questions with their laptop computers or other mobile devices. Voting can be done using a Web browser or an app for iOS or Android phones, called iClicker Reef.

How do I redeem my iClicker access code?

Table of contents

  1. Go to the iClicker student web app.
  2. Sign in to or create your iClicker account.
  3. Navigate to “Subscriptions”
  4. Enter your access code.
  5. Confirm your access code was redeemed on the “Subscriptions” page.
  6. Additional help with iClicker student app access codes.

How much does a clicker cost?

Clicker Upgrade (from Clicker 7)

Product Name Standard Price
Clicker Upgrade – OneSchool 5 Licenses (3 year subscription) $1,200.00
Clicker Upgrade – OneSchool 10 Licenses (3 year subscription) $1,500.00
Clicker Upgrade – OneSchool Site License (3 year subscription) Includes full Clicker@home* access $4,500.00

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