Why is TLE subject important?

That subject is T.L.E. The T.L.E gives the students basic knowledge and skills, positive values and attitude towards work. Technology and livelihood education in the global community this subject intend us student to provide us knowledge and develop our skills that will transform our lives toward productive ends.

What is the essence of TLE as your subject?

Technology and Livelihood Education can give students a source of money to earn a decent living. Through Dressmaking, Electrical Installation and Maintenance, Commercial Cooking, Housekeeping, Electronics Servicing, and Food Processing courses, graduates can apply and get jobs to support their needs.

What do you learn in TLE subject?

Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) is one of the learning areas of the Secondary Education Curriculum used in Philippine secondary schools. As a subject in high school, its component areas are: Home Economics, Agri-Fishery Arts, Industrial Arts, and Information and Communication Technology.

How can TLE help you as a student?

In line with the school’s vision and mission, the TLE Department aims to develop critical thinking, self-reliance, independence, culture sensitivity and entrepreneurship in the students by enhancing their skills on the different uses of technology and application of life skills.

How can TLE help us?

TLE subject can give a student’s source of living in the future. Applying what they learned, they can create their business such as bakery, restaurant, tailoring shop, barber shop and many more. Certainly, basic life skills are needed in everyday life in each individual and therefore as well as technical skills.

What TLE means?

Technology and Livelihood Education
Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) and Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track. You are here: K to 12 › Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) and Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track.

What is the main focus of TLE?

T.L.E is a subject that focuses around home life and general living, and the four components of the subject include home economics, agricultural arts entrepreneurship and industrial arts.

How does TLE subject affect your life?

Technology and Livelihood Education in the global community as a subject allows students to gain knowledge and develop their skills that will transform their lives toward productive ends. It also includes developing skills in cooking and in poultry, meat and fish cookery.

How does TLE affect your life?

What are the 24 TLE courses?

The 24 TLE exploratory courses focus on four basic common competencies: 1) use and maintenance of tools and equipment; 2) mensuration and calculation; 3) occupational health and safety procedures, and 4) preparation and interpretation of technical drawing.

How does learning TLE affect your life?

What are the four major components of TLE?

Why is it important to learn T.L.E subject?

In this subject we can also maintain our skills in doing some chores like developing responsible parenthood to have a happy family relationship. It also includes developing skills in cooking and in poultry,meat and fish cookery.

What is the importance of Technology, Livelihood and education?

Technology and livelihood education before, some students don’t have high interest into this subject, what they don’t know that in today’s generation it is one of the most useful in our daily lives.

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