What is 44h me error in BSNL SIM?

Originally Answered: What is 44h’m error and how to fix it? This can be caused because of either of the two reasons: Faulty SIM card: If the SIM card is corrupt or damaged in any way, your phone will not be able to detect it at all.

How can I activate my BSNL sim online?

How do I activate my BSNL Mobile prepaid connection? “Upon receipt of your pre-activated BSNL Mobile prepaid SIM please dial 123; follow the prompts of the IVRS computer to know your balance amount. Once the balance amount is known, your SIM is ready for further use.”

What is 40 23 35 H Me error?

Cause: Mainly this problem is noticed in newly bought BSNL sim cards before complete verification of user, you may have not accepted BSNL network settings for your phone and it might be having settings of old sim card supplier that’s why you’re not able to make any call or SMS.

What should I do if my BSNL Sim says no service?

All you need to do is visit the BSNL complaint portal and fill the form, write the problem you are facing and submit. BSNL will soon get back to you with a solution for your problem. These are ways that BSNL users can implement to improve or get back their network connection.

How can I start my new BSNL SIM?

How to activate new BSNL 4G SIM

  1. Turn off your mobile phone and insert your BSNL SIM card.
  2. Now, turn it back on and wait for the network signal to appear.
  3. Once you see the network signal on top of the display open the phone app.
  4. Dial 1507 from your phone and confirm your identity.

How do I activate my SIM not provisioned?

5 Ways to Fix “SIM Not Provisioned” Errors

  1. Restart Your Phone. It may seem unlikely, but simply turning off your phone can overcome the SIM not provisioned fault.
  2. Correctly Insert the SIM Card.
  3. Activate Your SIM Card.
  4. Contact Your Carrier or Network Provider.
  5. Get a New SIM Card.

How much does it cost to activate BSNL SIM?

BSNL, the state-owned telecommunications company, raised the minimum recharge for incoming calls. As per the latest information, minimum recharge for BSNL to activate incoming calls is Rs 74. Earlier too the ₹74 plan was considered to be the minimum recharge for BSNL to keep SIM active for incoming calls.

How can I get error 40 in BSNL?

How to resolve the BSNL SIM error code 40, DF A8 H, and 50? Just approach any BSNL Customer Service Center of your circle and ask for replacement with BSNL new SIM card on the same mobile number.

How to deal with 44 H Me error in BSNL Sim?

“Shows an error when the sim is inserted to its sim bay because the…” Your Nokia shows an error when the SIM is inserted to its SIM bay because the phone is not unlocked yet, you have to unlock it first to make the SIM card work into it. You can refer to the guide below for your reference.

How to deal with 44 H Me error?

It is spam / self promotion. It is offensive or harmful. It does not contain enough information. It contains or requests illegal information. It does not make sense. Solution of 44 h me error in bsnl sim? This is a BSNL network problem. Try this solution to solve this. For Android. 1. Open Settings. 2. Go to Wireless and Networks. 3.

What are the BSNL broadband connection error numbers?

While connecting to BSNL broadband services, many clients get line connection Error numbers, so we present some of the line connection Error numbers with some possible solutions as follows. Also read : How to increase FTTH BSNL Broadband speed after FUP limit?

How can I update my BSNL Mobile number?

Kindly enter your Service Id and BA Number. Dear Customer,We do not have valid mobile number. Please visit nearest BSNL Customer Service Center to update mobile number. Click here to download form.

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