How much is AscendTMS?

AscendTMS Logistics Software pricing starts at $79.00 per feature, per month. There is a free version. AscendTMS Logistics Software offers a free trial.

What is AscendTMS?

AscendTMS is the only true cloud-based TMS software for freight brokers, trucking companies, freight forwarders, and freight shippers (no downloads, no installs, no contracts) and has a completely free subscription tier for smaller companies.

Is Ascend TMS free?

AscendTMS is available across two pricing plans, outlined below. Basic: Free, upto 2 users Premium: $69/ per month (per user) It also offers a 30-days free trial for premium plan.

Who owns Ascend TMS?

Our Story and Ownership AscendTMS is partially owned by a large, publicly traded (NASDAQ), FDIC regulated, national bank holding company.

What is dat Express?

DAT Express is the premiere freight matching service for small-mid size freight brokers, shippers and carriers. Post freight and empty truck capacity to maximize your revenue. Search for trucks and loads from reliable carriers and higher paying brokers in the US and Canada.

How much is a DAT subscription?

You’re also able to use their heat map feature to see where your trucks are in highest demand. DAT gives you two tiers to choose from for the perfect load board. Their top tier subscription, DAT Power, starts at $149 per month and offers the fullest experience of their Load Board app.

How expensive is Uber Freight?

For detention, it’s $75 after two hours. Layovers are $300 per day, “Truck Order Not Used” is $200 per $2 per mile deadhead, and driver assist is $75 per load. The Uber Freight app uses GPS to allow Uber to track what’s going on with the load, and it helps prove to shippers when drivers arrived at a facility.

Is Uber Freight good to pay?

Uber Freight also says that its freight rates in 2020 are better on average than they were in October 2019. But the freight rates leaving California have remained solid. “They pay fast, they pay pretty good, and they pay fast,” he laughs.

Is truckstop or DAT better?

Truck Stop is better suited for open deck and specialized loads. DAT 360 covers more VAN and Reefer loads.

How much does power dat cost?

DAT TruckersEdge is made specifically for owner-operators and small carriers, and the price starts at just $39.95/month, which gives you access to the super-databse. For just $69.95/month, you can also see the average rate that other truckers have gotten paid on the lanes you search.

Is there an app for the ascend mobile app?

The Ascend Mobile Application is a virtual sales office for in-field agents and brokers. – Record meetings with beneficiaries to ensure compliance. Doesn’t work on a Macbook air laptop or Samsung tablet!

Which is the best ascend software for business?

Plus, it comes with the best support in the industry and includes the tools you need to save your business time and money. From inventory management to bookkeeping services and business analytics – stop dealing with half-baked solutions and start exploring the ways Ascend brings it all together.

What is the log in password for ascend TMS?

Simply complete the information below and you will be using Ascend TMS in less than 30 seconds. Please provide your full name. Your email address will be used as your log in name. We do not enforce any password rules, but try to use a strong password that you will remember. Enter the same password again to ensure you did not type it in incorrectly.

How can I earn more money on ascend?

Navigate through slides using the left and right arrow keys. The more you bank, the more you could earn. Ascend shares our profits with our members. And to us, sharing ​$4 million 5 ​ ​during 2020 was our most rewarding giveback.

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