How much is Armada skis worth?

Today, Armada Skis was acquired by Finland-based Amer Sports Corporation, joining Salomon and Atomic under the company’s winter sports equipment umbrella. The transaction is valued at an approximate $4.1 million, with Armada’s annual net sales totaling approximately $10 million.

Does Armada make good skis?

Best Park Ski That’s why we picked the Armada ARV 86. There are better skis for any particular aspect of park riding, but when it comes to doing it all, plus hitting some bumps, the odd powder day and slaying the groomer on the way back to the lift, these are pretty hard to beat.

Are Armada Skis?

Armada is a manufacturer of skis, poles, technical outerwear and skiing-related softgoods, based in Park City, Utah with a European office in Innsbruck, Austria….Armada (company)

Type Subsidiary
Founded 2002
Headquarters Park City, Utah , United States
Area served Worldwide
Products freestyle skis, clothing

Are Atomic and Salomon the same company?

Atomic is a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation, since 2019 itself a subsidiary of the Chinese group Anta Sports with sister brands Wilson, Suunto, Sports Tracker, Salomon, Precor, Arc’teryx.

Are Armada skis stiff?

Billed as Armada’s most versatile All-Mountain Freestyle ski. A tough and durable All Mountain twin tip ski with an ultra-playable personality. The AR75 Sidewall construction is tough enough for snow alternatives, (wood, concrete…) and helps reduce high-speed chatter over crunchy surfaces, be it organic or man-made.

What language is armada from?

A Spanish word that originally meant simply “armed”, armada is now used in Spanish-speaking nations as the name of their national navies. In English, the word usually has historical overtones.

What skis do pros use?

Women Pro Skiers uses mainly Head and Rossignol pro skis. Almost half of top 50 women skiers in FIS ranking use this two brands, with Head taking the lead.

Why are Armada skis the best skis to buy?

With a pool of artists that renowned within the industry as some of the most creative and eclectic, you’re getting some of the most distinctive-looking skis available. Armada skis always ensure that they bring the highest-caliber skiers on board, to prove that they’re skis are worthy of being used by the best.

Who are the founders of Armada ski company?

In 2002, world-class skiers JP Auclair, JF Cusson, Julien Regnier, Boyd Easley, and Tanner Hall launched Armada to create the first athlete-owned and athlete-driven independent ski company. The brand quickly became popular among a new generation of skiers who were interested in what came to be known as freeskiing.

When did the Armada JJ ski come out?

Armada is known for producing skis that break the mold. One of the most noteworthy was the JJ, which was first introduced in 2012. It was hailed as being “the first all-mountain powder ski with a rocker”, and is recognized for its versatility considering its wide waist.

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