How many people died with Osama?

Pakistani and U.S. officials responded, saying there were 18 people in the compound. They report that five people were killed, and two women wounded, both of whom were left with at least six children, at the compound.

Did Osama bin Laden live in Pakistan?

U.S. intelligence eventually located him in Pakistan, living in a secure compound in Abbottabad, a medium-sized city near Islamabad. On May 2, 2011, bin Laden was killed when a small U.S. force transported by helicopters raided the compound.

How many kids did Osama bin Laden have?

24 children
Bin Laden had five wives and 24 children.

Where is Osama bin buried?

Arabian Sea
Osama bin Laden/Place of burial

Who shot Osama bin?

SEAL Robert O’Neill
Former United States Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill has claimed he could rescue Americans trapped in Afghanistan by grabbing them and killing everyone else he saw. Mr O’Neill, who was part of SEAL Team Six that killed Osama bin Ladan in 2011, told Fox News what his strategy would be if he was in command.

Was bin Laden a CIA agent?

According to some CIA officers, beginning in early 1980, bin Laden acted as a liaison between the Saudi General Intelligence Presidency (GIP) and Afghan warlords, but no evidence of contact between the CIA and Bin Laden exists in the CIA archives.

How do you bury someone at sea?

Burial at sea by aircraft is usually done only with cremated remains. Other types of burial at sea include the mixing of the ashes with concrete and dropping the concrete block to form an artificial reef such as the Atlantis Reef.

What happens to bodies buried at sea?

Besides honoring nautical tradition, White says, a shrouded body has less impact than a corpse inside a coffin—the standard for the Navy, which offers full-body burials for veterans, provided the bodies are embalmed and sealed inside a metal casket with a few holes drilled in it.

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