Does Mel marry Madge?

In the sitcom wedding of the year, Benidorm’s razor-tongued, perma-tanned gran Madge glides down the aisle in her mobility scooter to wed wrinkly sunbed tycoon Mel.

What episode does Madge return?

When Benidorm fans last saw Madge Harvey, the perma-tanned scootering granny had jetted off to Las Vegas with her family after being told she’d inherited millions there. But she’s back in her favourite Spanish resort in the third episode of Benidorm (Monday, January 26, ITV, 9pm).

Did Madge really smoke?

Even without the deep tan and scooter Sheila is recognised all the time by her fans… but you won´t find a cigarette hanging out of her mouth like Madge has – Sheila doesn´t smoke in real life and they give her herbal ones for filming.

Where are the Garvey family from Benidorm?

Mick Garvey is the husband of Janice Garvey, the father of Chantelle and Michael Garvey and the grandfather of Coolio. He is usually lazy, sarcastic and quite miserable. Mick would do anything for a quiet life….Mick Garvey.

Michael “Mick” Garvey
Birthplace Lancashire, UK
Residence Lancashire, UK
Father Stan Garvey
Mother Unknown

Do the Garveys leave Benidorm?

In the final episode when Madge buys a bar in Benidorm the Garveys end up staying in Benidorm!

Who was Madge Harvey’s mother in law in Benidorm?

Other stars returning for the documentary include Steve Pemberton, who played Michael Garvey, Siobhan Finneran, 51, who was his wife Janice, and Sheila Reid, the mother-in-law from hell Madge Harvey. Acid-tongued Madge delivered withering put-downs from her trademark mobility scooter, which she used despite being able to walk.

What happens in series 4 of Madge Harvey?

It is revealed that the bar that had opened in Series 4, did not work out. Madge gets embroiled in organ theft that is occurring in Benidorm and is subsequently saved by Mohammed Mohammed, who reveals himself to be a close business partner of Mel.

What did Madge Harvey do with her prize money?

With her prize money, Madge has decided to rebuild Mel Harvey Leisure Industries by purchasing a failing bar and turning it around, to regain money (the bar is on the same site as Mel’s mobility scooter shop, which burnt down on its opening night in summer 2009, and she feels this is a sign from Mel from beyond the grave.)

Who is the actress who plays Madge in Benidorm?

Madge Harvey. Madge is portrayed by Scottish actress Sheila Reid, and was one of the primary characters in the show, appearing in every episode of the series since its inception in 2007 until her departure in the second episode of series 7. Madge returned for a special guest appearance in the third episode of the eighth series.

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