How to make a video into a GIF?

1 Select your video using the “Choose Video File” button. 2 Select the part of the video that you want to convert to GIF. 3 Click the “Create GIF!” button to start making your GIF

How do you loop a video in GIF?

Loop your video like a real GIF. Select all frames by clicking the Select All button. This is the button with three squares on it. Click the Animation tab, select Looping, and set how many times you want it to loop. Select forever if you want it to loop continuously. Click the Image tab and set the duration of each frame using the slider.

Where do I Save my finished GIF animation?

You’ll likely be asked to select where to save your finished GIF when it is converted. Open Microsoft GIF Animator and click the Open icon. This icon is of a folder being opened.

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Is there a limit to the length of a GIF?

To keep the file size and processing time reasonable, we limit maximum length of the part you can select for conversion (duration) depending on selected frame rate. If you want to create longer GIFs, you have to select lower fps. Maximum length at 5 fps is 60 seconds, at 10 fps it’s lowered to 30 seconds and so on.

How long does it take to make a GIF?

To create a GIF more than 10 seconds Log in or create an account now! Processing, please wait… Make the Switch to Premium! Get access to High Definition Gifs, No Watermarks and much more. Not ready for Premium! Create a Free account and upgrade at anytime. Uploading, please wait… Make the Switch to Premium!

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