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  1. When medical issues are described in medical phrases it’s known as medicalization. This can be a course of by which non-medical conditions are framed as one thing which requires medical remedy even when this isn’t true. This course of might be detrimental to people as a result of it causes in any other case regular human habits to be rebranded as one thing like a medical situation.
  2. For a lot of many years homosexuality was considered as a psychological sickness. Even at the moment one can discover instructional movies proven in public faculties, and created by public faculties, which emphasize the risks of the gay medical sickness. These movies discuss closely about how individuals who wish to domesticate relationships with somebody of the identical intercourse undergo from a psychological sickness for which they have to obtain remedy. For a lot of many years this perception, this medicalization of a easy organic side of humanity, one which is totally pure and has been noticed within the animal kingdom for the reason that starting of time, led to a substantial amount of persecution and misunderstandings. It brought about many individuals to consider that this regular human habits was really a extreme medical situation.
  3. Bodily responses to common processes equivalent to irritation or weight acquire are considered as problematic. That is one other instance of the medicalization of bodily health. As a result of anybody who does exhibit a sure proportion of fats is considered as unhealthy, this regular human state is now acknowledged as a medical situation. Now folks, who’re barely obese, are a daily goal to food plan and life-style strategies and regarded to have a medical situation for which medical remedy is required. This has led to a substantial amount of weight loss supplements and consuming dietary supplements marketed to folks of all ages. This has led to much more extreme responses equivalent to hypertension medicine being given to youngsters. Individuals are instantly altering to the counter drugs as if they have been sweet to deal with easy illnesses equivalent to a swollen leg after a jog for a swollen shoulder muscle after lifting a heavy object. These are pure bodily responses to the on a regular basis put on and tear that takes place on human our bodies and but the medicalization of such objects has made them seem as if they have been medical situations which necessitate remedy.
  4. When the medicalization of any pure habits turns into a socially accepted thought, it interferes with the common processes of the human physique. What may be a standard human operate like changing easy and sophisticated carbohydrates into sugars and due to this fact into insulin within the blood, develop into considered as one thing detrimental or unfavorable. As soon as it’s considered as a medical situation which requires medical remedy, folks start to take drugs which intervene with the way in which the physique works. This interference turns into everlasting and results in the extra reliance upon different drugs which additionally intervene with pure habits and human operate. Quite than taking it upon oneself to observe the meals that’s eaten, folks will as an alternative view their excessive blood sugar content material as problematic in a single occasion and take medicine to cease the physique’s manufacturing of insulin. Whereas this can be a pure incidence that does happen in circumstances equivalent to diabetes, many individuals at the moment nonetheless convey this case upon themselves by taking drugs.
  5. Easy sicknesses which the physique can battle naturally develop into medicalization gold. Folks will take antibiotics to assist deal with a easy an infection which the physique would have in any other case handled by itself. The extra antibiotics are taken, and the extra folks fail to take them correctly, the more severe it’s for the kidneys. When this occurs the kidneys are now not capable of operate correctly which may end up in renal failure.
  6. Any type of hormones taken by males or females are finished so typically because of the medicalization of normal human habits. And when this takes place it alters the physique completely. If the physique generates a selected variety of particular hormones every day, taking hormones within the type of medicine will trick your physique into believing that it has already generated the right quantity for that day. In doing so the physique then cuts again on the entire quantity that it generates repeatedly. Because of this should you cease taking your medicalized hormones your physique will now not produce the quantity of hormones that it wants as a result of it has been tricked into already considering that it does. And when this occurs the top result’s that folks have to remain on the ineffective drugs for the long run which then results in the identical downside reoccurring and sometimes in lots of different programs of the physique concurrently.
  7. The ageing course of has lately fallen sufferer to the medicalization of regular human processes. Whereas ageing was considered as a daily occasion, one thing which was not solely pure however lovely, it’s now not so. Present social constructs of opinion leaders to consider that the ageing course of is dangerous and that every one objects related to the ageing course of ought to be mitigated if not rectified. The results of that is that well being care supplies quite a lot of drugs to deal with the pure means of ageing. All of those notions are pointless and but folks must proceed taking them for the remainder of their lives as soon as they begin.
  8. Common human feelings and reactions to their setting are pure human processes and but because of the medicalization of well being, many individuals now consider that being in contact with their feelings and responding in an emotional trend to sure scenario warrants unnatural habits and medical remedy. In lots of circumstances despair is a psychological state of being which might be managed by the person and which a superbly pure response to sure conditions is.
  9. Many occasions the emotional well-being of a person impacted by adjustments of their life equivalent to tragic occasions or hormones. And but at the moment these are considered as unfavorable issues which have to be rectified with pharmaceutical remedy. This results in a collection of unfavorable ramifications within the type of secondary signs to the unique medicine prescribed.
  10. People who’re informed that they undergo from despair as a result of they’re being unhappy about a number of issues at school are given drugs. These drugs trigger uncomfortable side effects equivalent to suicidal ideas and weight acquire. Consequently individuals are being informed that their weight acquire have to be rectified with further medicine. The suicidal ideas have to be halted instantly with one other set of medicines and each of those result in new secondary signs and uncomfortable side effects the identical as the unique medicine. This circle goes round and round for everyone who has ever been sufferer of medicalization.We hope these info will discover their place in your future essay. You would possibly as effectively verify our 20 subjects on medicalization as a social idea backed with 1 pattern essay in addition to our information that reveals the best way to write an argumentative essay on this subject.

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