How did Kenny change in the Watsons Go to Birmingham?

A dynamic character is one who changes, typically because of some conflict he or she encounters. Kenny transforms in his views of Byron. For much of the book, Kenny sees his brother as a tough, wisecracking older brother who is there when he’s in a bind, but their relationship is fairly superficial.

How are Byron and Kenny alike?

Kenny and Byron are the same because they both know if they do something bad their in big trouble. 4.) They like to tease eachother and they like to scare there sister .

How does Kenny help Byron?

Byron gets Kenny to talk about the bombing and Byron convinces Kenny that he has nothing to be ashamed of. Byron helps Kenny see that even though life isn’t fair and bad things happen, it’s important to keep living.

What did Byron do when Kenny was out of the water?

Then he realises that Byron is in the water with him, fighting the Wool Pooh for Kenny. Finally, Byron wins, and drags Kenny out of the water. Kenny then vomits up lots of water and food and Byron cries in relief.

Who threw the bomb in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

The Watsons leave for Flint the night of the bombing. The police say two white men in a car threw the bomb into the church, or set it to go off on a timer, and it killed four little girls. The family keeps the bombing a secret from Joey.

What does Kenny think Birmingham looks like?

By Christopher Paul Curtis Kenny is surprised that Birmingham looks so much like Flint, with regular houses and great big trees.

What does the wool POOH symbolize?

Whatever else it might be, the Wool Pooh is definitely a symbol for death. It shows up first when Kenny is about to drown and then again at the church after the bomb goes off. Kenny is the only person who sees the Wool Pooh, and both times, he’s really scared.

Why do you think Kenny sees the wool Pooh in the church after it has been bombed?

Why do you think Kenny sees the Wool Pooh in the church after it has been bombed? The Wool Pooh was getting revenge on Kenny and he saw it when he saw a shoe that looked like Joey’s to find out that the Wool Pooh was on the other side. He feels it will help him get over the church bombing.

Is the wool Pooh real?

Remember that the Wool Pooh is actually a creation of Byron’s that he uses to try and scare Kenny into not going to Collier’s Landing, a dangerous place to swim where others have died already.

What does Byron claim the wool Pooh does?

Byron originally makes up the idea of the Wool Pooh, describing it as a kind of bogey man who hides underwater and snatches away children, in order to scare Kenny and Joey so they won’t go near Collier’s Landing.

What does the Brown Bomber symbolize?

The Brown Bomber is much more than just a car; it is a physical representation of the Watson family itself. The Watsons feel safe and secure inside their old, rickety car, just as they feel safe and secure when they act together, as a supportive family.

What happened at the end of The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

The Watsons’ physical journey has ended, but the emotional journey is far from over—especially for Kenny. Kenny withdraws from the family; he hides behind the couch and won’t talk to anyone about what he saw in the church or how he’s feeling. That is, until his heart-to-heart with Byron in the bathroom.

Does joetta die?

No, Joetta “Joey” Watson does not die in the book The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963 (1995).

What is the climax of The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963?

The bombing itself is pretty climactic, but in terms of the story, the climax comes when Kenny goes into the church after the bombing. He finds a shoe that looks just like hers and thinks that the Wool Pooh has her, so he runs back home scared.

What is the main problem in the Watsons Go to Birmingham?

One of the conflicts in the story is Kenny’s difficulty with social adjustment. He has a lazy eye which makes him look different, and is very intelligent, a characteristic which does not endear him to his peers when he is held up as an example of academic excellence to other students.

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