Why is P-39 hated?

The P-39 centrally-mounted engine also pushed the center of gravity to the rear, making it prone to vicious spins once cannon ammunition was expended from the nose. But Royal Air Force pilots had fought many high-altitude battles with the Luftwaffe, and hated the Airacobra.

How many kills did the P-39 have?

G. Rechkalov, 56 confirmed kills in P-39; Col. Aleksandr Pokrysh- kin, 59 confirmed kills in P-39. Half of P-39s transferred to Soviet Union  scored first US victory in Europe in WWII (Aug.

Was the P-39 any good?

A strange irony. The P-39 Airacobra may be the least loved American fighter plane of World War II, deemed inadequate by military planners at the outset of hostilities and written off as nearly useless by many historians.

Who made the P-39?

Bell Aircraft
Bell P-39 Airacobra/Manufacturers

What was the P-39 used for?

The P-39 was used by the Soviet Air Force, and enabled individual Soviet pilots to collect the highest number of kills attributed to any U.S. fighter type flown by any air force in any conflict.

Is P-39 Airacobra a good plane?

While the Airacobra was never one of the best airplanes, it was still a good airplane. The P-39 introduced many new innovations that would later be used on America’s first jet powered airplane, the XP-59 Airacomet. Prototype with one turbo-supercharged 1,150 hp Allison V-1710-17 engine.

Was the p38 a good fighter?

Despite its flaws, the P-38 was a rare early example of a successful “heavy” fighter boasting speed, range and firepower—similar to modern multi-role fighters like the F-15 and Su-27.

Why did the Soviets like the p39?

The Soviet attitude to the P-39 was radically different. In air battles on the Eastern Front, typically at low and medium altitude, it was indispensable. The unusual design, with the engine located behind the cockpit, gave the aircraft excellent speed, maneuverability, aerodynamics, and visibility.

Why did the Soviets like the P-39?

Where was the P 39 built?

Buffalo, New York
Bell built the XP-39, U. S. Army Air Corps serial number 38-326, at its plant in Buffalo, New York. When the new fighter made its first flight on April 6, 1939, a turbo-supercharged Allison V-1710-17 engine powered the aircraft to a speed of nearly 627.9 kph (390 mph) at 6,080 m (20,000 ft).

What was the P 39 used for?

What was the Bell P-39 Airacobra fighter aircraft?

Bell P-39 Airacobra. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Bell P-39 Airacobra was one of the principal American fighter aircraft in service when the United States entered World War II.

What kind of ammunition does a bell P-39C have?

One M4 37-millimeter cannon — “M4” being the service designation for the T9 — with 30 rounds of ammunition. The P-39C had only 15 rounds of ammunition. Two 12.7-millimeter Browning guns on top of the nose, firing through the prop arc with interrupter gear, with 300 rounds per gun (RPG).

When was the first Bell P-39 sent to England?

The first P-39s sent to England in July 1941 went to the No. 601 “County of London” squadron who were hoping to dump their old Hurricanes for a new and more modern fighter. The British replaced the original 37 mm cannon with a Hispano-Suiza 20 mm and the 0.30 caliber machine guns were replaced with Browning .303s .

What was the name of the Bell Aircraft before World War 2?

The Bell P-39 Airacobra & P-63 Kingcobra v1.0.4 / 01 apr 19 / greg goebel * In the years before World War II, the Bell Aircraft Company developed a high-performance fighter of innovative design, the “P-39 Airacobra”, featuring a mid-mounted engine.

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