Who is the first principal of Ananda College?

C. W. Leadbeater
C. W. Leadbeater was appointed the first principal of Ananda today. By the time the school was officially registered in March 1889, there were 120 students.

Who started Ananda College?

Henry Steel Olcott
Ananda College ආනන්ද විදුහල/Founders

How many teachers are in Ananda College?

130 teachers
Ananda Central College is situated on the left side of the road towards Pitigala 100 meters from the main city of Elpitiya in the Galle District. It consists of over 4500 students and a staff of about 130 teachers.

When was Ananda College founded?

November 1, 1886
Ananda College ආනන්ද විදුහල/Founded

Who is the current principal of Ananda College?

The incumbent Principal, Mr. S. M. Keerthirathna who happens to be the 26th amongst the elite list of Principals of Ananda, assumed duties on August 2016. Read more Executive President of the OBA

When did Ananda College Colombo become a government school?

On 17 August 1895, the former English Buddhist School was renamed to Ananda College Colombo. When Patrick de Silva Kularatne took over in 1918 attendance was 450 which rapidly increased to 1000 two years later. At this time the annual budget was 80000 Rs. By 1961, the college had officially become a government school.

How big is the campus of Ananda College?

Ananda College (Sinhala: ආනන්ද විද්‍යාලය) is a national school for boys, with a student population exceeding 7,000 across 13 grades from primary to secondary classes, on a campus of 10 acres (40,000 m2) in Maradana, Colombo.

Who is the founder of Ananda College Pettah?

Housing 37 youngsters in Pettah, the-then English Buddhist Academy was founded in 1886 by Col. Henry Steel Olcott and was opened to provide Buddhist students in Ceylon with a holistic English education. Ananda College came under the purview of the Government of Ceylon in 1961, following which it was

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