Which Linux distro has the best GUI?

List of Linux Distros with best UI

  • Zorin OS Linux distro with windows like best UI.
  • KDE Neon one the Linux distribution with best UI.
  • Deepin Linux with best user-friendly interface distro.
  • Elementary OS as Linux replacement of macOS and windows GUI.
  • Solus OS Linux distro UI.
  • Feren OS Linux Mint like UI.

Which Linux looks the best?

Elementary OS Elementary OS has got the No 1 trophy of Best Looking Linux Distro. This OS has both the beauty and crafted Looks of Windows OS and Mac OS. Moreover, it is self-declared as “A fast and open replacement for Windows and macOS” on the official website.

What is the most modern looking Linux distro?

Solus is one of the most modern-looking Linux distributions developed using most modern technologies. It is released in four desktop environments; Budgie is its own homegrown desktop environment, while others are GNOME, MATE and Plasma. It is an independently developed operating system based on the Linux kernel.

Which Linux has a GUI?

You’ll find GNOME as the default desktop in Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, and other open source Linux distributions. As well, GNOME can be installed on Linux distros such as Linux Mint.

Which is the smoothest Linux distro?

Best Linux distros of 2021 for beginners, mainstream and advanced users

  • Nitrux.
  • Zorin OS.
  • Pop!_OS.
  • Kodachi.
  • Rescatux.

Is Deepin Linux safe to use?

You can use the Deepin desktop environment! It is safe, and it’s not spyware! If you want the good looks of Deepin without worrying about potential security and privacy issues, then you can just use the Deepin Desktop Environment on top of your favorite Linux distribution.

Which Linux is best?

The top five best-reviewed distributions in early 2021 include: Arch Linux (9.45 average, 269 ratings) ArcoLinux (9.16 average, 200 ratings) Devuan GNU+Linux (9.13 average, 203 ratings) Puppy Linux (9.08 average, 144 ratings) Peppermint OS (9.07 average, 200 ratings)

What is the easiest version of Linux to learn?

What Is The Easiest Version Of Linux To Learn? Ubuntu: The Most Popular. For those who have heard about Linux here and there but haven’t really looked into it much more than that, Ubuntu is often synonymous with Linux. Zorin OS: The Most Familiar. Zorin OS is a distribution of Linux built off of an Ubuntu foundation. Linux Mint: The Most User-Friendly. Conclusion

What is the best version of Linux?

From 2011 through 2017, Linux Mint has dominated the ranking list, clocking in at No. 1 for all seven years. It only slipped in 2018, ceding the top slot to Manjaro .

What is the most beautiful Linux OS?

Elementary OS is arguably considered the most beautiful Linux distro. Believe it or not, the distro started off with a theme of the same name. Today it has its own set of applications, a shell (Pantheon) and window manager (Gala).

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