Where is the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle WA?

The Crocodile (formerly The Crocodile Cafe, and sometimes called The Croc) is a music club at 2200 2nd Avenue at Blanchard Street in the neighborhood of Belltown in Seattle, Washington, United States. Opened as the “Crocodile Cafe” on April 30, 1991 by Stephanie Dorgan, it quickly became a fixture on the local music scene.

When did the crocodile in Capitol Hill open?

The Man guitarist Eric Howk, and Capitol Hill Block Party co-founder Marcus Charles purchased the establishment. The new owners renamed it “The Crocodile” and reopened it on March 19, 2009 after much-needed renovation. The venue was re-open to the public with two consecutive nights featuring all local bands.

Is there a place like the crocodile in Belltown?

There is no other spot in the 206 with such a storied and beloved past, and no other rock and roll venue that has earned its right to occupy the hearts of so many. Incredible bands played within the walls of Belltown’s much loved living room.

When did the crocodile pop up shop open?

On August 23 and 24, 2018, The Crocodile hosted a pop-up shop and retrospective for Alice in Chains featuring rare photos, limited-edition merchandise, memorabilia and music gear that showcased the band’s 30+ year career. The admission was free.

Where is the Hippo Cafe in St Lucia?

The Hippo Cafe is part of the Hippo Lodge and situated on the main street, McKenzie Street, of the St Lucia Town. Established in February 2019, it has become popular with international and local guests, with its unique and bespoke menus option delivering an authentic taste of South African food.

Who is the owner of the Crocodile Cafe?

Here’s Kurt, the owner! He is always stirring the pot around (and we are NOT kidding! Ha, ha). His love for cooking began at the age of 2, next to his mother’s side. You could always find him in the kitchen, [ Read more ] Bob! Bob has been working at Crocodile for over 6 years, however, Crocodile has been a second home to Bob for his whole life.

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