What mile marker is Exit 3 on NJ Turnpike?

New Jersey Turnpike Exits

Interchange Milepost Location
3 26.1 NJ168, Woodbury, S. Camden
4 34.5 NJ73, Camden, Philadelphia
5 44 Burlington, Mt. Holly
6 51 Pennsylvania Turnpike

What is Exit 2 on the NJ Turnpike?

Swedesboro – Chester
Exit 2: New Jersey Turnpike at Swedesboro – Chester, Swedesboro.

What exit is Lincoln Tunnel NJ Turnpike?

Exit 16E
From the NJ Turnpike, take Exit 16E toward the Lincoln Tunnel/Route 3. From the NJ Turnpike, take Exit 16E toward the Lincoln Tunnel/Route 3.

What is Exit 4 on the New Jersey Turnpike?

Exit 4: New Jersey Turnpike at Mt. Laurel / Camden – Philadelphia, Mount Laurel.

What is off Exit 7A on NJ turnpike?

Exit 7A: New Jersey Turnpike at I–195 – Begin/End I–95 NJ, Allentown.

What is Exit 6 on the NJ turnpike?

Exit 6: New Jersey Turnpike at NJTP Extension to Pennsylvania Turnpike, Bordentown.

Where is Exit 5 on the NJ Turnpike?

Burlington – Mt.
Exit 5: New Jersey Turnpike at Burlington – Mt. Holly, Burlington.

How to contact the New Jersey Turnpike Authority?

call 911

  • GSP for the Garden State Parkway.
  • extension 8750
  • Where does the NJ Turnpike end?

    It runs 360 miles (580 km) across the state. The turnpike begins at the Ohio border in Lawrence County, where it goes into that state as the Ohio Turnpike . The designation ends at the New Jersey border at the Delaware River – Turnpike Toll Bridge over the Delaware River in Bucks County, where it goes into…

    When was New Jersey Turnpike created?

    The New Jersey Turnpike Authority was created by special legislation on April 14, 1949, to regulate the New Jersey Turnpike, which opened to traffic on November 30, 1951. It issued revenue bonds to finance the road based solely on future tolls, without using tax money.

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