What is the Weather like in Ecuador in May?

May Weather in Quito Ecuador. Daily high temperatures are around 65°F, rarely falling below 61°F or exceeding 68°F. Daily low temperatures are around 49°F, rarely falling below 46°F or exceeding 52°F.

Is May a good time to visit Ecuador?

Mainland Ecuador On the coast, the dry season from late May and June to November is unpleasantly cool, muggy and overcast. So if you like lying on beaches, then the rainy season from December / January to April / May is surprisingly the best time to visit Ecuador. It may be hot, rainy or snowing.

What are the rainiest months in Quito Ecuador?

A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: February, March, April, May, October and November. On average, April is the wettest month with 170.0 mm (6.69 inch) of precipitation. On average, July is the driest month with 22.0 mm (0.87 inch) of precipitation.

What season is May in Ecuador?

There are only two seasons that Ecuador experiences – Summer extends from June to September and is the dry season; Winter goes from October through May and usually brings with it warmer temperatures, rain showers, and higher humidity.

What is the coldest month in Quito Ecuador?

The best time of year to visit Quito in Ecuador

  • Most rainfall (rainy season) is seen in April.
  • The warmest month is September with an average maximum temperature of 22°C (72°F).
  • The coldest month is September with an average maximum temperature of 21°C (69°F).
  • April is the most wet month.
  • July is the driest month.

What are popular foods in Ecuador?

Ecuador Food and Drink

  • Cuy: Roast guinea pig.
  • Locro: Soup of potatoes, corn, cheese and avocado.
  • Empanadas: Corn pasties stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables.
  • Llapingachos: Cheesy potato cakes.
  • Seco de chivo: Goat stew usually served on special occasions.
  • Ceviche: Raw seafood ‘cooked’ in lime and chilli.

What is the best time to visit Quito Ecuador?

The best months for a trip to Quito are those of the dry season, that is, those who go from June to September. The other months of the year – especially those between November and February – can be quite good.

Do you tip in Ecuador?

Tipping in restaurants is not obligatory in Ecuador, unlike in the United States and some other countries. However, if you feel you received good service it is courteous and polite to leave a tip of 10%, or maybe a couple of dollars.

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