What is the most useful modern invention?

Great modern inventions include electric motor, telephones, computers, plastic and aeroplanes. The invention of the electric dynamo by Michael Faraday opened up the practical use of electricity – from transport to power tools and home appliances.

What inventions would be useful?

25 Truly Useful Inventions That You Never Knew You Needed

  • Ironing Board Mirror. Image credits: aissalogerot.com.
  • Toothpaste Tube Squeezer. Image credits: unknown.
  • Spaghetti Measuring Tool.
  • Citrus Spritzer.
  • Dresser That Keeps Your Clothes In Their Places.
  • Pizza Scissors.
  • Couch Armrest Table.
  • CATable Lets Cats Play While You Work.

What is the coolest invention?

17 Cool Inventions That Will Take You to the Future

  • Levitating Desk Lamp.
  • “Smart” Jacket With Built-In Heater.
  • Surface Sterilizer.
  • 3-Sided Flip Phone.
  • Pilot Wireless Headphone Translators.
  • 2-in-1: Rollers and Skateboard.
  • Port Solar Charger.
  • Aqua Treadmill.

Who is the greatest Filipino invention?

Top 10 filipino inventions, some of these inventions was ground breaking worldwide, like “Patis”..

  • Patis.
  • Erythromycin.
  • Medical Incubator.
  • Karaoke.
  • Videophone.
  • 16-Bit Microchip.
  • Quink Quick Drying Ink. The Quink quick drying ink’ was invented by Francisco Quisumbing, a chemist.
  • Modular Housing System.

What are some of the best inventions?

Other great inventions include: the cell phone, the hanger and the disposable diaper. In fact, some people may call these inventions some of the best inventions ever created. Their popularity is as a result of their high level of use, and their convenience.

What are the 5 greatest inventions?

Top 5 Greatest Inventions Of All Time After the Wheel #5: Optical Lenses (13th Century) #4: Semiconductor Electronics (Mid-20th Century) #3: Penicillin (1928) #2: Electricity (Late 19th Century) #1: The Printing Press (1430s)

What invention has changed the world the most?

Here are some of the most important inventions, that have changed life on Earth as we know it. The wheel. Probably the single greatest invention in the history of the world has got to be the wheel. This has made everything so much easier, from travel to the transportation of objects and goods.

What are some of the strangest inventions ever made?

Top 20 Weirdest Inventions Ever 1. MOUSETRAP PISTOL – this 1882 invention by James A. Williams of Texas, takes a very serious approach to mice… 2. TOMATAN – a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes. Invented by the Japanese juice vendor Kagome, the robot that sits… 3. THE IMPULSORIA – the 1850

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