What is the difference between Penn Spinfisher V and VI?

One of the most significant differences between the Penn Spinfisher VI and the Penn Spinfisher V is the addition of the 2500 size. With the introduction of the IPX5 sealed system to the Penn Spinfisher VI, you don’t have to worry about getting any amount of sand, salt or dirt in the gear system.

Where is Penn Spinfisher v made?

The reel is made in China using Penn engineering specs, they are the same quality as the USA reels.

What is the smallest Penn spinning reel?

The New Penn Spinfisher V – SSV 3500 is the smallest in the range and designed to be used to target estuary and freshwater fish.

Is Spinfisher VI sealed?

The PENN Spinfisher VI features IPX5 sealing so whether it gets hit with a wave, or you let it ride in the spray all the way home, you don’t have to worry about saltwater getting into the gearbox or drag system.

Are Penn Reels saltwater proof?

PENN Fishing Reels – Elegance You Can Feel Durability, precision, corrosion resistance in harsh saltwater environments, and reliability — PENN® Saltwater Fishing Reels are the real-word union of high-tech style and engineering elegance you can feel.

What’s the price of a Penn spinfisher V?

Given that the range only starts at 3500 it is clear that Penn’s intention with the Spinfisher V in terms of size is for the upper end of the ​saltwater spinning reel market. And it is in the upper sizes that it is not only most popular but also were it really starts to shine. Penn created a lot of hype before the release of the Spinfisher V.

When did the Penn spinfisher 700 reel come out?

It was first released at ICAST in 2012, where it won Best New Saltwater Reel of 2012. The first of the Penn Spinfisher line, the 700 reel, began production in the early 1960’s and Penn has continued to refine the spinfisher offering ever since.

What’s the difference between Penn Slammer III and spinfisher VI?

Size is also a point of difference between the Penn Slammer III and the Penn Spinfisher VI ranges. Again, you can only go as low as 3500 with the Penn Slammer III. From a weight perspective, the Penn Slammer III is a slightly heavier reel. Read the full Penn Slammer III review HERE.

What’s the best way to use a Penn spinfisher?

We find that using a bail-less design is best for fishing from a pier or the surf, particularly with plugs. The Penn Spinfisher VI makes it incredibly easy to take the line out of the roller and hook it onto the end of your finger as you turn it.

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