What is SRAM Rival equivalent to?

Shimano 105
SRAM Rival – Equivalent to Shimano 105 Rival is a good value groupset designed for long training rides. It is available in 10 and 11 speed versions and in a 1x setup. SRAM Apex – The entry level SRAM groupset is equivalent to Shimano Tiagra.

How does SRAM Rival compare to Shimano?

When it comes to SRAM Rival vs Shimano 105, their performance is quite similar to higher-end groupsets available from the same manufacturers. The main difference you would notice is that they are heavier than their more expensive counterparts.

Is SRAM Rival good for gravel?

Overall, I love the simplicity of Rival 1 on both gravel and road. Yes, I can top it out on many road descents, but the low and mid-range gearing afforded by the economical SRAM PG-1130 11-42t cassette can’t be overlooked. The Roller Bearing Clutch keeps the chain secure.

Is SRAM Rival better than SRAM Force?

Both groupsets have wide gear ranges, but the Force 1 has a broader range of chainrings to choose from. Functionally, the Rival and Force 1 groupsets are the same, but the Rival is slightly heavier due to the materials used. For example, the Rival uses aluminum brake levers, while the Force uses carbon fiber items.

Which is better SRAM Force or SRAM Red?

SRAM took its Force groupset up to 11-speed – or True 22, if you prefer – at the same time as Red. Although Force is a little heavier than Red, it offers a similar level of performance and it’s considerably more affordable. You still get high-end touches like carbon-fibre crank arms and brake levers.

Which is better SRAM Rival or force groupset?

The Rival and Force groupsets are available with a single or a double chainring (crankset) to suit your personal preferences. You can also choose between different types of braking systems. This abundance of options makes it tricky to determine which groupset you should choose for your bike. To help you decide, we are going to go through each one.

What’s the difference between SRAM Rival and Shimano?

First, let’s quickly recap on Shimano and SRAM’s mechanical groupset hierarchies. If you’re not familiar, they go like this. Shimano tops out with Dura-Ace, then moves through Ultegra, 105, Tiagra, Sora and Claris, while Red is SRAM’s top-of-the-range groupset, before you get to Force, Rival and Apex.

What’s the difference between SRAM Rival and AXS?

SRAM has included a pulley cage clutch in the Rival AXS rear derailleur, but it’s a spring-based mechanical setup instead of the hydraulic one used on Force and Red. As for the chain, it incorporates the same proprietary oversized roller diameters and distinctive “Flattop” plate shaping as other AXS road groupsets.

Which is the SRAM Rival 12 speed cassette?

SRAM is offering the new Rival AXS 12-speed cassette in 10-30T and 10-36T options. Rival offers an optional power meter just like Force AXS and Red eTap AXS, too, although instead of a chainring spider-based setup, Rival AXS moves to a first-for-SRAM spindle-based layout.

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