What is Pediatric set?

Sterile infusion set with graded chamber for the slow intravenous administration of a precise volume of infusion or injectable drug, over a given time. This system limits the risk of hypervolemia. It is connected between the infusion and the intravenous catheter for paediatric use. Do not use for blood transfusions.

What is Paediatric drip set?

The Romsons Pedia Drip Pediatric (Measured Volume) IV Set is a burette type measured volume chamber used for the controlled infusion of medications, typically over long periods of time. IV sets are used to connect the medication to the needle inserted into the patient.

What is Soluset infusion set?

Infusion Set with burette 100cc is used to deliver a fixed volume of IV fluid at a fixed rate, usually with added medication. A primary IV solution set is attached to the spike adaptor at the distal end of the in-line burette set.

What are the parts of IV set?

IV Tubing Parts, Parts of IV Infusion Set

  • Assembled Vented Spike.
  • Assembled Needle Free Burette W/Drip Chamber.
  • Assembled IV drip chamber w/ vented spike (microdrip adapter)
  • Assembled Vented Spike.
  • Assembled IV Drip Chamber W/ Vented Spike.
  • Assembled Burette W/Drip Chamber.
  • Assembled T Connector.
  • Assembled Roller Clamp.

How is Microdrip rate calculated?

Here’s a tip: when the IV tubing is microdrip, 60 gtts/mL, the drops per min will be the same as the mL per hour. For example, you have 500 mL to infuse over 12 hours with a microdrip set. The total volume (500 mL) divided by the total time in hours (12) equals 41.6, rounded to 42 mL per hour.

What equipment does a pediatrician use?

Pediatricians use stethoscopes to listen to the heart, lungs and bowel sounds of patients. When used with a blood pressure cuff, a stethoscope can also be used to take a patient’s blood pressure. Other diagnostic equipment used by pediatricians includes scales, reflex hammers and thermometers.

What is blood giving set?

Blood components must be filtered during transfusion to remove clots and small clumps of platelets and white blood cells that form during collection and storage. Standard blood infusion sets contain 170 – 260 micron filters. Usually, a new set is used for each component transfused.

How do you set a drip rate?

The formula for calculating the IV flow rate (drip rate) is total volume (in mL) divided by time (in min), multiplied by the drop factor (in gtts/mL), which equals the IV flow rate in gtts/min.

What can you do with a paediatric surgery set?

Through the Paediatric Surgery SET program, you’ll gain clinical and operative experience, learning special investigation methods and paediatric surgery techniques. At the end of training, you will be able to perform as an independent practitioner and meet the requirements of identified RACS competencies.

Who is the RACS Board of Paediatric Surgery?

The RACS Board of Paediatric Surgery has oversight of the Paediatric Surgery Surgical Education and Training (SET) program, reporting to the Board of Surgical Education and Training. Through the Paediatric Surgery SET program, you’ll gain clinical and operative experience, learning special investigation methods and paediatric surgery techniques.

When to use a cystofix paediatric punction set?

Cystofix® Paed drainage set is routinely used to perform suprapubic bladder drainage procedures when the uretral pathway is obstructed or other contraindications for normal urine voiding have to be followed.

What are the colors of the pediatric breathing circuit?

The leads are color coded (white, black and green). The green lead is in fact the red (Left Leg) electrode and should therefore get plugged appropriately. The Pediatric Breathing Circuit is extendable up to 60 inches, and comes with a 1L (default) latex free reservoir bag.

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