What is ISO 32 oil?

5 Gal Pail Mineral Hydraulic Machine Oil – ISO 32, Food Grade. Hydraulic oil is engineered to lubricate pumps, motors transmissions and other hydraulic systems. It maintains viscosity over long periods of time and has a good thermal stability. Mineral oil is a liquid by product made from petroleum.

What is HM 32 hydraulic oil?

MOL Hydro HM 32 is a general purpose hydraulic work fluid, produced from highly refined base oils, containing a zinc based additives for reducing wear. It meets or exceeds the requirements of DIN 51524-Part 2 (HLP) of ISO 11158 (HM).

What is AW 32 hydraulic oil used for?

Everest AW-32 Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil is a premium quality general purpose anti-wear hydraulic fluid containing a zinc/phosphorous additive to minimize wear and provides superior thermal stability, anti-foam, rust, corrosion and oxidation protection in high-speed, high-pressure vane, gear, and piston pumps operating …

What is HM hydraulic oil?

HYDRAULIC OIL HM 32 HYDRAULIC OIL HM 32 is a high performance anti wear hydraulic oil developed for use in high pressure hydraulic systems operating under moderate to severe conditions in mobile and industrial services. HYDRAULIC OIL HM 33 HYDRAULIC OIL provides excellent water demulsibility as well as de-aeration.

Is ISO 32 hydraulic oil the same as AW 32?

AW 32 hydraulic fluids have an International Standards Viscosity Grade or ISO VG of 32. This is the thickness of the fluid tested at 40 degrees Celcius. ISO VG 32 has good cold weather flow capabilities and its thickness is equivalent to a SAE 10 weight lubricant.

What is the difference between ISO 32 and 32?

Anti-wear grades These oils perform at the same grade as their ISO counterparts. An AW 32 hydraulic oil is going to be at 32cSt at 40°C for instance. The difference here is that there are additives contained within the oil.

What is the difference between SAE 30 oil and 5w30 oil?

5w30 is mostly used on cars and trucks. SAE30 is a straight 30 weight oil used on your lawn mower and other 4 cycle outdoor equipment. SAE30 weight oil is rated only at the full operating temp of the engine. This means it is much higher than 30 when cold.

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