What fish can live with a dog face puffer?

Ideal tankmates would be other non-aggressive (or moderately aggressive) puffer species, triggers, lionfishes, snowflake eels, select tang species, large wrasses, or angelfish.

Are Dog Face puffers aggressive?

Grownup specimens are sometimes very aggressive and never appropriate to be stored in a reef aquarium with small species since such species will probably be eaten. They’re to be thought of reef safe and often don’t trigger any harm to corals.

How much does a dog face puffer fish cost?

Item # Description Price
000736 Dogface Pufferfish , Small: over 2-2.5″, Indo Pacific $99.99
000738 Dogface Pufferfish , Medium: over 2.5-4.5″, Indo Pacific $109.99
000739 Dogface Pufferfish , Large: over 4.5-6.5″, Indo Pacific $159.99
000740 Dogface Pufferfish , X-Large: over 6.5-7.5″, Indo Pacific $299.99

What do you feed a dog face puffer?

The dogface puffer will eat most meaty foods like krill or silversides. However, he needs crunchy, hard-shelled invertebrates like coralline algae and stony corals to blunt his beak. The dogface puffer’s beaks grow continually, and he needs hard invertebrates to chew on to keep the beak from overgrowing his mouth.

Can puffer fish live with clownfish?

It depends on the puffer….but most will consume inverts and leave fish alone (unless it’s small enough to fit in their mouth….rule of thumb, of course). Just don’t attempt to mix puffers. And agreed, The tobies (canthigasters (sp?)) would be OK probably, but most of the others would be far too big.

Is it legal to own a puffer fish?

Yes you can. Pufferfish are, for the most part, kept by saltwater aquarium owners – saltwater isn’t an easy way into the hobby if you’ve never had a tank before. There are, however, freshwater pufferfish, which can be kept in a regular heated tank.

How often should I feed my dog face puffer fish?

Smaller, multiple feedings each day is usually the better way to go, but once a day is fine. Frozen meaty foods are my fish’s choice. Brine, mysis, krill, cyclops, Marine Cuisine, Formula One, Formula Two, etc – he goes for most anything.

Can dwarf puffer fish live with guppies?

I recommend them over Fancy Guppies because they don’t have the large, wagging fins that Pea Puffers find irresistible to bite. Considering how rare they are in nature I don’t recommend keeping them with Guppies because the two species will hybridize.

Do puffer fish eat other fish?

Puffer fish aren’t community fish, and must be kept alone, as they are carnivorous. “They will either eat the other fish that are small enough, or they will bite at the other fish’s fins if they are too big to eat,” she said.

Can a dog face puffer live in an aquarium?

It very rarely changes phases while living in an aquarium. The Arothron Dog Face Puffer lacks pelvic fins, but is very maneuverable, using its pectoral, dorsal, and anal fins. Instead of “teeth,” it has a fused beak-like structure which it uses to crush prey. A 100 gallon or larger, fish-only, carnivorous aquarium is suitable.

Why is the dog faced Pufferfish called that?

It will always have a few dark spots here and there, which is why the species is also known as the black-spotted pufferfish. Unlike most fish, the dog-faced puffer doesn’t have scales. Instead it’s got two layers of rough, thick skin that’s so elastic, the fish can inflate itself to several times its regular size to ward off predators.

How big does a dog faced puffer get?

Make sure you have a fairly large aquarium if you plan on growing this one up, it can reach up to 16″ (40 cm)! This Dog-Faced Puffer is the epitome of “adorable,” which is a term not often used with fish! They have an endearing face and act like dogs!

What can you feed a dog face puffer fish?

Fish with long fins might find the pufferfish nipping on their fins. Feeding your dogface puffer fish with hard-shelled invertebrates will help check the growth of its teeth. If you’re not careful, the teeth could grow so large that they prevent the dog faced puffer fish from even being able to eat anything.

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