What does Trotter Symbolise in Journeys End?

Trotter’s bravery and sense of duty is shown when Stanhope promotes him to second-in-command after Osborne is killed. His promotion comes despite the fact that he is not a public school boy like the others.

How is fear presented in Journeys End?

All of the soldiers in Journey’s End find different ways to cope with their fear. Stanhope, on the other hand, tries to stifle (and thus deny) his own fear by drinking heavily, while Hibbert tries to escape the war altogether by lying about various ailments.

How is Raleigh presented in Journey’s End?

Raleigh is initially presented as boyish, exuberant and eager to please. He is described as “healthy looking”, in contrast to the pale figure of Stanhope. He is young and his enthusiasm seems to prove Osborne’s theory that “a youngster straight from school” is “the kind that do best”.

How does Stanhope feel about Raleigh?

Stanhope himself seems to understand this, which is why he’s unhappy that Raleigh has been assigned to his infantry; he knows he has changed for the worse, and he comprehends that this means his relationship with Raleigh will most likely change for the worse, too.

Who is hardy in Journey’s End?

The second-in-command officer stationed in Stanhope’s trenches before Osborne and his group take over. Before Hardy leaves, he overlaps with Osborne so that he can “hand off” the duties and fill Osborne in on anything he might need to know before his six-day shift.

What rank is Stanhope in Journey’s End?

The Captain of an infantry company stationed in the trenches of St. Quentin, France during World War I. Stanhope is a young man, but he has already seen three years of combat and has gained the respect of his men, who see him as a brave leader.

What are the themes in Journeys End?

Journey’s End Themes

  • Friendship and Human Interaction. In Journey’s End, R.C. Sherriff showcases the effect of war on personal relationships.
  • Anticipation, Expectations, and Uncertainty.
  • Fear and Coping.
  • Repitition, Futility, and Perspective.

What are the themes in Journey’s End?

Journey’s End is at heart about how men deal with almost certain death, constant fear, sudden and intense horror, attack and maiming. The play touched the hearts and minds of audiences watching only a decade after the war had been fought.

What’s Raleigh’s sister called?

Stanhope is furious that Lieutenant Raleigh has found a way to join his unit, mostly because he is worried that Raleigh will tell his sister Madge – Stanhope’s girlfriend – about his addiction.

Why is Stanhope a hero?

There is no doubt that Captain Dennis Stanhope is a brave soldier. His bravery has gained him the Military Cross . We’re also told that he survived one of the war’s fiercest encounters – the Battle of Vimy Ridge – thus building up a hero image in the audience’s mind.

What does Hardy say about Stanhope?

When Hardy is gossiping about Stanhope, Osborne states “I love that fellow. I’d go to hell with him.” While he recognises Stanhope’s flaws, Osborne understands that dealing with the horrors of war have made him the way he is.

Was RC Sherriff an alcoholic?

But they also see him as something of an alcoholic. Indeed, the war has changed him greatly, turning him from a rugby captain and school hero into a hard-drinking man with shot nerves who can drink an entire bottle of whiskey, stumble to bed, and wake up and command an infantry the next morning.

What does Trotter say at the beginning of journey’s end?

On the first night that Stanhope ’s infantry moves into the trenches to begin their six-day shift, Trotter talks to his fellow officers about the time they have to pass before they’ll be able to return to a safer location. “Well, boys!” he says. “’Ere we are for six days again.

What was the quote at the end of journey’s end?

Stanhope: — as long as the hero’s a hero. Osborne: It often goes on all through life. In this private conversation on the subject of Raleigh’s idolization of Stanhope, Osborne and Stanhope touch on the theme of heroism. Having looked up to Stanhope at school, Raleigh and Raleigh’s sister turned him into a hero.

Who are the main characters in journey’s end?

The Journey’s End quotes below are all either spoken by Trotter or refer to Trotter. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ).

Why do we have Pepper in journey’s end?

OSBORNE: We must have pepper. It’s a disinfectant. TROTTER: War’s bad enough with pepper – but war without pepper – it’s – it’s bloody awful! I never knew anything like a war for upsetting meals. …Must have your revolver to shoot rats. And your gas mask.

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