What do you need to know about the Nithari case?

In this article, Jagriti Bharti of Amity Law School, Lucknow gives an overview of the infamous Nithari case. Nithari case is one of the most horrifying and gruesome cases of 2006. Nithari is a village situated in Noida (Delhi). This case involved the commission of heinous crimes like sexual abuse, murder, cannibalism and attempted necrophilia.

Where are the remains of missing children in Nithari?

In December 2006, two Nithari residents reported they knew the location of the remains of children who had gone missing in the previous two years: the municipal water tank behind house D5. Both had daughters who were missing, and they suspected Surinder Koli, the domestic help at D5, was involved in the disappearances.

When did the Nithari serial killings come to light?

The case grabbed headlines in media due to its brutal and rare nature of crimes. The case came to light after a continued series of disappearances of the children (both boys and girls) and teenagers from the Nithari village in the year 2005 and 2006.

Who is awarded death sentence in Nithari case?

July 22: CBI convicted Pandher and Koli and said that the sentence will be pronounced on July 24. July 24: Pandher and Koli awarded death sentence by CBI rape and murder in Pinky Sarkar case. This is the eighth of the 16 murder cases in which the judgement has been delivered in Nithari case. Judgments on other eight cases are yet to be delivered.


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