What cellular network does Life Alert use?

Seniors opting for the annual plan may qualify for a discount, and no cellular contract or data plan is required. The system connects to AT wireless networks anywhere coverage is available. Mobile Help users enjoy 24/7 monitoring from U.S.-based service centers.

Can you have life alert without a landline?

They all work through a cellular network connection so that no home phone line is needed at all. Life Alert will work without a landline. There are also other newer medical alert options from Mobile Help, LifeStation and Medical Guardian, as described above.

Can you have a life alert with a cell phone?

Push one large, easily-accessible button to reach Life Alert’s Emergency Monitoring Center. anywhere. Nationwide coverage. You can be located by GPS anywhere in the United States where GSM cellular phones operate.

Does AARP have Life Alert?

Right now, Philips Lifeline is the only medical alert provider on AARP’s list of companies offering discounts to AARP members. AARP’s discount list is updated regularly, so it’s always worth checking to see if more medical alert companies have been added before signing up for an emergency call monitoring service.

What are the best medical alert systems for seniors?

Best Medical Alert System for Seniors with No Monthly Fee Reviews 1. LogicMark Freedom Alert Emergency System 2. Assistive Technology Freedom TALK 2-Way Voice Alert 911 Newest DECT Model Emergency Alert System 3. PAVDII No Monthly Fee Medical Alert System 4. 321 Alert© Medical Alert System For Seniors No Monthly Fee

How to choose a senior medical alert system?

Check with your senior facility. If you or your loved ones lives in a senior community or facility, it may offer an in-house or external medical alert system as part Investigate other options. See if you can add medical alert services to a current home security system. Research quality of services. Get referrals.

How much is Life Alert systems for seniors?

Life Alert’s medical alerts are often compared to Senior Safety’s medical alert systems. Life Alert cost varies starting at $29.95 per month for the basic program that requires a 3 year contract; you can also add more features to your order as needed and pay more monthly.

How are medical alerts help seniors?

Medical alert systems allow seniors to stay independent while making sure help is available when needed. The devices can help prevent further injury or death after a fall or other emergency. While many companies in the home medical alert industry are trustworthy, there are also those that mislead customers or try to profit from hidden fees.

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