Is Dance Central Spotlight discontinued?

Xbox One Kinect Sensor with Dance Central Spotlight (Discontinued)

Can you still download Dance Central Spotlight?

We are SO excited to share the news that Dance Central Spotlight is now available for download on Xbox One! Click here to buy now! Dancers can step onto the dance floor and start their party by downloading Dance Central Spotlight, featuring a core soundtrack of 10 hot tracks, from the Xbox Store for $9.99.

Is Dance Central Spotlight compatible with 360?

These songs will be available individually for download for $1.99, and don’t forget add-on content from previously purchased versions of Dance Central for Xbox 360 are Spotlight-compatible, and easily loaded into the game.

Do you need a Kinect for Dance Central Spotlight?

Dance Central Spotlight is the first and only must-have Kinect game for Xbox One. The core dancing game is as great as ever, offering plenty of fun for gamers and non-gamers alike.

How old is glitch from Dance Central?

His age was stated to be 14 in 2011.

Will there be a Dance Central 4?

Dance Central 4 is an upcoming game for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and for the first time ever, PS3 and PS4.

How many characters are there in Dance Central Spotlight?

Dance Central Spotlight features fourteen characters to play as. Six of them are unlocked from the start while the rest are unlocked through certain achievements. Unlike previous titles, there are no alternate outfits for the characters. Collecting 600 dance moves unlocks 6 new characters under the “Classified” section.

Who is the developer of Dance Central Spotlight?

Dance Central Spotlight is a music rhythm game developed by Harmonix and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One Kinect.

How many stars does Dance Central 3 temperature have?

Dance Central 3 – Temperature – (Hard/5 Stars) (DLC) – YouTube Like, Comment and Subscribe for more DC videos :)Dance Central 3 – Temperature – DLC(3/7) ModerateHard – 5 StarsPlease leave your requested song and characte…

How much does it cost for Dance Central Spotlight?

The idea behind Dance Central Spotlight is to give you a small number of songs to start off with, and give you an extensive collection of downloadable songs for you to choose from to build your music library. The game is to launch with over 50 downloadable songs priced at $1.99 each, and will be followed by new content weekly after release.

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