How much does a Doncaster Rovers player earn?

The teams total wage bill is: £3,837,080 per year. £73,790 per week.

How much does David de Gea earn a week?

2021 Active Roster

Player (27) Pos. Weekly Salary
David De Gea GK £375,000
Jadon Sancho F £350,000
Raphael Varane D £340,000
Paul Pogba M £290,000

What is Phil Jones salary?

2.6 million GBP (2011)
Phil Jones/Salary

How much does Paul Pogba earn per week?

Based on those numbers for 2020, Pogba earns $2.85m per month and an impressive $655,000 a week before any taxes and deductions – so you can see why his net worth has reached such high levels.

Who is Man U highest-paid player?

Paul Pogba
Manchester United are set to make Paul Pogba the highest-paid player in the Premier League with a new five-year contract worth a whopping £104 million. The Sun reveal that the Frenchman will be offered a deal worth £400,000 per week in order to keep him in Manchester.

Who is the highest-paid goalkeeper in the world?

De Gea and Kepa are the highest-paid goalkeepers in the Premier League. David de Gea y Kepa Arrizabalaga. No other goalkeeper earns more than David de Gea in the Premier League as the Manchester United shot-stopper’s weekly wages are set at 413,412.77 euros after putting pen to paper on a new deal last summer.

How much does Phil Jones earn a week 2020?

Phil Jones earns £110,000 per week, £5,720,000 per year playing for Manchester United F.C. as a D (C). Phil Jones’s net worth is £34,320,000.

Who is Man U highest paid player?

Who is the highest paid footballer 2020 per week?

Lionel Messi
1. Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain – 1,325,000 dollars per week.

How much does Didier Drogba make a year?

Didier Drogba net worth and salary: Didier Drogba is an Ivorian footballer who has a net worth of $90 million. Didier Drogba was born in Abidjan, Cote d’lvoire. Drogba is one of the most successful footballers to play the game (called soccer in the United States).

How old is Didier Drogba’s oldest son Isaac?

Their eldest son, Isaac, born in 2000, signed to the Chelsea academy as a youngster before leaving for Guingamp in February 2018. He has a daughter called Iman, and another son named Kieran. Drogba also has two footballing brothers, Joel, 32, and Freddy, 26.

How many goals did Didier Drogba score at Marseille?

Drogba spent just one year at Marseille, scoring 19 goals and promptly signing for Chelsea. The English club paid 24 million pounds for the promising striker, and this would prove to be a wise investment. Although he started a bit slow, Chelsea won the league title for the first time in 50 years during Drogba’s first season at the club.

Who are Didier Drogba and Diakite Lalla married to?

Drogba married long-term partner Diakite Lalla in a private ceremony in Monaco in 2011, and the pair have three children together. Their eldest son, Isaac, born in 2000, signed to the Chelsea academy as a youngster before leaving for Guingamp in February 2018.

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