How do you do test chamber 16 on Portal?


  1. Go at the end of the hallway and wait for the door to open.
  2. Go through the door and knock over the turret and wait for it to shut down.
  3. Walk to the end of the small hallway and stop before the red beam.
  4. Look to the left – along the beam.
  5. Shoot the other portal on the wall near you and go through it.

How do you beat level 18 in portal?


  1. Walk to the end of the hallway.
  2. Go back in the hall and the shoot a portal on the floor at the end of the hallway.
  3. You should automatically drop through for the second time and then land on the other side of the Goo.
  4. Turn right and place a portal on the ceiling.
  5. Turn to face the platform above.

Where is the portal in test chamber 17?

When you reach the end of the second hall, place an orange portal on the wall where the black park mark is. The other side of the portal won’t be open yet, but you’ll be ready to catch one of the created high energy pellets. In the next room, look for a slanted wall across the room and to the left.

How many puzzle chambers are there in portal Reloaded?

With 25 different puzzle chambers for players to work out in Portal 2 ‘s new expansion, Portal Reloaded, being stumped by Chamber 17 won’t do. This new expansion is completely fan-made and free-to-play for PC and Linux players on Steam. It includes all of the new aspects of the second game but through a new environment.

Where do you get Companion Cube in test chamber 17?

The first challenge drives home the point, forcing you to place the companion cube on the ground, use it as a step to the next level, and then pick up the companion cube to use it to reach the next level. Once you reach the top, grab the companion cube and take to the next hall.

Where is the bouncing energy pellet in test chamber 17?

Warp your way to the upper level of the room and backtrack to the long halls at the beginning of the testchamber. There should still be one bouncing energy pellet in one of the halls.

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