How do I find a music supervisor?

Go to, search with keywords “music supervisors,” and read articles telling who they are and how best to approach them. Also, search phrases like “music supervisors looking for music.” Once you know names, Google them for more information. Watch their ads, shows, and films. Get familiar with them.

How do I contact a music supervisor?

Dos and Don’ts: How To Contact Music Supervisors

  1. Do your research.
  2. Take advantage of the subject line.
  3. Make music that’s authentically yours.
  4. Have a unique presentation.
  5. Be polite and persistent.
  6. Don’t hit up music supervisors who don’t want to be contacted.
  7. Don’t cold-call music supervisors on the phone.

How much do music supervisors get paid?

The average annual salary for Music Supervisors is approximately $54,100. The salary range for Music Supervisors runs from $44,000 to $65,000. The real challenge, when it comes to pay for Music Supervisors, is that there is no union.

How do you pitch your music to music supervisors?

Tips on Pitching Your Songs to Music Supervisors

  1. Send download links.,, etc.
  2. Send high-quality MP3 files. Don’t send WAV or AIFF files.
  3. Be selective in the music you send.
  4. Make sure your meta-data is properly filled out.
  5. Don’t expect feedback / Be judicious about following up.

Who is the music supervisor for Netflix?

Andy Lykens – Director, Marketing Music – Netflix | LinkedIn.

Who is the music supervisor for euphoria?

alumna Jen Malone
The music supervisor for the show, alumna Jen Malone, said “Euphoria” contains an immense amount of music for a TV show, and part of her job was finding and fitting the songs into the scenes by considering how each song complements the narrative.

What skills does a music supervisor need?

A few specific skills that make a good music supervisor are:

  • A wide knowledge of music and music history.
  • An understanding of licensing and creative rights.
  • People skills.

How do music supervisors get paid?

Salary. Music supervisors typically earn flat fees for their work. Most television music supervisors get paid a few thousand per episode, while the most sought-after music supervisors make upwards of $200,000 for their services for major movie productions.

What does a music supervisor do?

By definition, a music supervisor oversees all aspects of music in a project. This can include everything from working with a composer to pitching songs to managing a budget to negotiating deals — the list goes on. Collaboration is truly at the heart of this job.

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