How do executives consume content?

The study reveals that executives still rely heavily on email to learn about the latest trends and topics in their industry. Fifty-five percent report consuming content from emails daily, and 52 percent report relying daily on traditional media such as newspapers. Thirty-five percent say they check social media daily.

Where do executives get their news?

Our primary resources of news include mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times, Miami Herald and NPR as well as some select trade news, because it is impossible to read everything in our industry.

Do CEOs use Instagram?

Instagram and YouTube are still unpopular among CEOs. Out of all the Fortune 500 CEOs, only 17 (3.4% of the list) have a public Instagram profile and only 1 is on YouTube. Out of the few CEOs on Instagram, all but one of them run businesses that have a business-to-consumer model, such as Walmart and Google.

How do Millennials consume media?

Across age groups, Millennials are among the most mobile media consumers. On average, U.S. adults 18 and older spend 43% of their daily media time with live + time-shifted TV1. When we look at the platforms and channels that Millennials are spending the most time, it becomes clear where they’re consuming the most news.

How do I reach C level executives?

How Do I Get in Front of C-Level Executives?

  1. Identify the right decision-maker.
  2. Start at the bottom.
  3. Use LinkedIn to find common connections.
  4. CC the assistant.
  5. Keep your pitch brief.
  6. Swap features for benefits.
  7. Make revenue a part of the conversation.
  8. Give the executive a chance to talk.

What websites do executives read?

We seek to Inform, Involve & Inspire the world’s most successful CEOs, CFOs, other C-level executives, and business leaders through our content….Just Like The Rest Of Us!

Rank Website Influence Score
1 Google News 98.7
2 Bloomberg News 98.6
3 Financial Times 98.5
4 Wall Street Journal 98.2

How do I reach C-level executives?

Do executives use social media?

According to a recent survey from business advisory firm Brunswick Group, fewer than half of all S&P 500 and FTSE 350 CEOs have a social media presence, and only a quarter have posted anything over the past year. Those that do, though, can find that it brings clear benefits.

Why executives should be on social media?

It improves communication and provides a competitive advantage. Social media is all about two-way communication, so getting executives on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks isn’t just about providing a platform for leadership to share their thoughts. It’s also about facilitating connections and staying current.

Where do Millennials consume media?

Data from a survey held in May 2021 in the United States revealed that the most popular news source among Millennials was social media, with 43 percent of respondents reporting daily news consumption on social networks. This was more than double the share who got their news via radio.

What does Deloitte say about media consumption behavior?

Analysis from the 12th edition of Deloitte’s Digital Media Trends Survey indicates that measurement of media consumption behavior could provide a more granular approach to sustainably acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers. Do M&E companies need to change how they view consumers?

How is the way people consume media changing?

The Internet is profoundly changing the way people consume media. Traditional forms of media consumption have been more household or family oriented – with one cable connection or newspaper subscription per household. The rapid penetration of the Internet via mobile phones has now made content consumption an individual activity.

Why is consumption of digital media so important?

Digital consumption of media represents a large database of consumption patterns, viewing habits, and consumer content preferences. Leveraging this data intelligently can help content creators customize new content to consumer tastes and preferences and reveal insights into what makes content successful.

How are M & E companies looking at media consumption?

As technology becomes increasingly democratized and accessible, M&E companies are shifting from focusing on the demographic indicators to looking more closely at media consumption behavior patterns.

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