Who did Hitchcock want Saboteur?

Henry Fonda
At one point, Alfred Hitchcock wanted Henry Fonda to star. According to associate art director Robert Boyle, Alfred Hitchcock knew “almost any shot will not hold longer than five seconds, and that a matte in particular is going to be on for no more than five seconds.

Where is Hitchcock in Saboteur?

Hitchcock’s cameo in Saboteur (1942) occurs about 65 minutes into the film, where he appears outside a drug store talking to a woman. According to contemporary newspaper reports, the woman was Hitchcock’s secretary, Carol Stevens.

Is Saboteur a good movie?

Saboteur did “very well at the box office even with its B-list cast”; it made a “tidy profit for all involved.” Bosley Crowther of The New York Times called the film a “swift, high-tension film which throws itself forward so rapidly that it permits slight opportunity for looking back.

Was Saboteur filmed at Statue of Liberty?

Most of the famous climax atop the Statue of Liberty was filmed in the studio, where parts of the landmark statue were recreated.

Who played fry in Saboteur?

Norman Lloyd
Saboteur (1942) – Norman Lloyd as Frank Fry – IMDb.

Who is the professor in Saboteur?

Chiu Maguang is the story’s protagonist. He is 34 years old, recently married, and works as a professor of Marxist materialism at Harbin University.

Which actress starred in the most Hitchcock films?

He worked with several great actors and actresses, often on multiple projects throughout his career. Hitchcock was also known for working with many of the most beautiful actresses of his era. Clare Greet tops the list having worked with Hitchcock on seven different films.

Where does Alfred Hitchcock appear in the birds?

Hitchcock’s cameo in The Birds (1963) occurs about 2 minutes into the film. As Tippi Hedren walks into the pet store, Hitchcock walks out with his own two Sealyham Terriers, named Geoffrey and Stanley.

What is inner Saboteur?

Internal saboteur, or inner saboteur, is the part of an individual’s personality which deliberately disrupts, delays, destroys, or hinders his own success. For instance, a young man applies for a position and is scheduled for a job interview.

Who played fry in saboteur?

How did they film the Statue of Liberty scene in saboteur?

This scene was shot with the hand resting on its side, so the actor could rest against it without having to literally hang on. The lower portion and base of the statue are matted in here. Hitchcock next cuts back to Barry Kane, first in a medium shot, then a long in quick succession.

What is another word for saboteur?

What is another word for saboteur?

terrorist revolutionary
troublemaker seditionary
seditionist deviationist
renegade collaborator
subverter insubordinate

Why did Alfred Hitchcock make the movie Saboteur?

Far from essential Hitchcock, “Saboteur” is another jaunt through the director’s favored “wrongly accused” scenario. The film was shot during wartime, so naturally the central crime is in a related sphere, allowing the script to slide in a patriotic speech here and there.

Who are the actors in the movie Saboteur?

Saboteur is a 1942 American spy thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock with a screenplay written by Peter Viertel, Joan Harrison and Dorothy Parker. The film stars Robert Cummings , Priscilla Lane and Norman Lloyd .

What was the music score for the movie The Saboteur?

Film taken from the top of the Statue was then superimposed onto the black background. There was no music score for the film’s Radio City sequence; instead, Hitchcock combined action shown on the theater screen (including gunshots) with the action in the theater.

How long is the movie Saboteur in Time magazine?

Time magazine called Saboteur “… one hour and 45 minutes of almost simon-pure melodrama from the hand of the master”; the film’s “artful touches serve another purpose which is only incidental to Saboteur’s melodramatic intent.

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