Which energy supplier does not have a standing charge?

There are currently two tariffs that have zero standing charges, Ebico Zero Green Fixed and Utilita’s Smart Energy tariff – available for most credit meter customers on dual-fuel, gas-only and electricity-only.

Does npower have a standing charge?

Electricity – £660.80 annually, 15.82p per day standing charge, 14.42p per kWh.

Who benefits from a no standing charge tariff?

What are the advantages of a no standing charge tariff? The biggest advantage to a zero standing charge energy tariff is that you’ll only have to pay for the energy you use – in other words, you won’t be charged during those times you’re not using any gas or electricity in your property.

Do I have to pay standing charges on an empty property?

If you take over responsibility for a property that’s empty and isn’t using any gas and/or electricity, you might not need to pay a standing charge.

Is it better to have lower standing charge or unit rate?

So, even though the standing charge is lower the higher unit rate means the total cost for the year is more. It means that if you have a very low consumption it may be better to compare unit rates rather than the standing charge.

What is the average standing charge for electricity?

Typical standing charges range from: electricity – 5p to 60p per day. gas – 10p to 80p per day.

Are there any energy tariffs with no standing charges?

Some energy deals have very low standing charges, and a few have none at all. ‘Zero’ standing charge, or tariffs which just have a unit rate, can be ideal for low energy users. The following energy tariffs have no/zero standing charges.

What kind of tariff do I get with npower?

Like all energy companies npower offers a multitude of different tariffs you can choose from. Here are the main one for a contract customer: Standard tariff – as it says and the prices will move up or down if the company changes their rates although there are no termination charges if you decide to move to another supplier. Rates vary by area.

Do you need to pay for no standing charge energy?

No standing charge energy tariffs aren’t the most sought after type of energy deal, so you need to really look around to find no standing charge energy suppliers. If you’re in the market for an energy deal without a standing charge, it’s worth considering the following suppliers: Do you need to pay a standing charge on your energy bills?

Which is the best energy supplier with no standing charge?

They are always subject to change – the energy market rarely stands still – but two suppliers which often offer tariffs with no standing charge for electricity or gas are Ebico and Utilita.

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