Where can I watch Sydney NYE fireworks online?

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Where can I watch the New Year fireworks in Sydney?

Five Places to Watch the Sydney Fireworks

  • Circular Quay. Popular with tourists and locals alike, Circular Quay is one of the best places to view Sydney’s New Year’s fireworks.
  • Blues Point Reserve.
  • Sydney Park.
  • Observatory Hill Park.
  • Bradfield Park.
  • Planning on spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney?

Are Sydney fireworks televised?

Centring on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and surrounding Port Jackson, its main events are two pyrotechnic displays: the 9 pm Family Fireworks and the Midnight Fireworks, both of which are televised nationally with the more popular Midnight Fireworks televised globally.

Where can I watch the fireworks online?

FuboTV. FuboTV is the most comprehensive option for streaming live TV, providing access to every major cable channel including NBC, ABC, Fox and Bravo, among hundreds more.

  • AT TV.
  • Sling TV.
  • Peacock TV.
  • Hulu Plus Live TV.
  • Youtube TV.
  • How can I watch fireworks online?

    Nearly all of those live TV providers, like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV and Sling offer a week-long free trial, allowing fireworks fans to watch the special as it airs online for free.

    What TV channel is Sydney fireworks?

    the ABC
    There will be a small fireworks display from the Sydney Harbour Bridge at midnight. This will be televised live on the ABC.

    What time are fireworks in Sydney?

    The acclaimed Australia Day fireworks are held in Sydney Harbour at 9pm, with a demonstration of pyrotechnics and a flotilla of yachts and jetski and flyboard prowess.

    What channels are the fireworks on?

    New Year’s Eve fireworks This will be televised live on the ABC. Crowd numbers will be strictly controlled around the harbour and entry to designated Green Zones will be restricted.

    How can I see the fireworks in DC?

    Find a spot on the National Mall The National Mall is the most popular place to watch the fireworks display, with attendees staking out spots near the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and an array of other locales across DC’s most scenic space.

    Where can I watch the Sydney New Years Eve fireworks?

    The stream is also available via the Telstra Youtube channel, which also has The Official Sydney New Years Eve App for Android and iPhone wh ich will also have the live streamin g coverage, making it available from your mobile device from wherever you happen to be in the world.

    How many people watch the Sydney harbour fireworks?

    The iconic midnight fireworks event over Sydney Harbour is watched annually by more that 1.5 million spectators actually at the venue and by more than 1 billion viewers across the world via TV an internet. The official celebrations start from 5pm and festivities get bigger with the 9pm Family Fireworks preceding the main display at midnight.

    Are there any alternative New Years Eve parties in Sydney?

    There are plenty of alternative new year parties in Sydney too, however, with the new NYE in the Park music festival one exciting new option if you don’t feel like battling the crowds aorund the harbour liiking for the best fireworks views.

    When do the fireworks start on New Years Eve?

    The official celebrations start from 5pm and festivities get bigger with the 9pm Family Fireworks preceding the main display at midnight. There is also this year an earlier light and fire show at 7pm, an extra incentive to arrive early!

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