When did the Jounin exam come out for Ninja Saga?

“Jounin Exam” redirects here. The Jounin Campaign (previously Jounin Exam) are a series of exams that Chunin can do after reaching the maximum level of 40 to become a Jounin. For the first month until July 20, 2010 when the Jounin Campaign (as the Jounin Exam) was first released, it was the Tensai Jounin Exam.

What do you need to know about special Jounin exam?

Special Jounin Exam. The Special Jounin Campaign is a long series of exams that will allow players to become a Tensai or Normal Special Jounin.

How to solve the puzzle in Ninja Saga Jounin?

Ignore enemies and focus on finding the seals. Start by going all the way north to find the first seal then go all the way west for the second, south for the third and finally east for the last seal. After you find one, your next aim is to unseal them. You have to solve the puzzle by placing the correct runes in order.

How does Jounin turn you into a ninja?

Jounin is the rank which turns you into a real ninja. it comes after Chuunin. You become able to do B-rank missions and the Sensei occupation becomes unlocked. It is met by Higher Outlaw in the Criminal Branch.

Where do you find kekkai in Ninja Saga?

A kekkai (結界; Literally meaning “collapse”) is a seal that appears in the third part of the Jounin Campaign, as well as the TP Training mission, The Kekkai in the Forest. In the Kekkai in the Forest, the Kekkai were responsible for the villagers to go missing, which is why Yuuhi asked the main character to unseal them.

When to switch runes in Ninja Saga Jounin?

– Now at your ninth attempt, place the 2 proper runes (green and yellow) and the other 2 runes that belongs to the group (black and white) anyway you want. If you have an unlucky attempt like me again, just switch the 2 runes (black and white) and you should be done unsealing.

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