What size are Harley tires?

Bike/Wheel Fitment

Touring Rear Wheel
Sportster SuperLow XL 883L 150/60-17
Sportster SuperLow 1200T XL 1200T 150/70-17
Sportster 1200 Custom XL 1200C 150/80-16
Sportster Iron, Nightster XL883N/1200N 150/80-16

Are Harley Davidson wheels interchangeable?

Answer: This is a 16×3 rim with a 3/4 Axle, most Harley rims are interchangeable. If your stock wheel shares the same specs it will fit.

How long do Harley Dunlop tires last?

It is recommended that any tires 10 years or older from the date of manufacture, including spare tires, be replaced with new tires as a precaution even if such tires appear serviceable and even if they have not reached the legal wear out limit.

What size is a Dunlop d402 tire?

Enhance your purchase

Size MU85B16
Brand Dunlop
Section Width 140
Tire Aspect Ratio 90 Inches
Rim Size 16 Inches

What size is a MU85B16 tire?

D402 Spec Chart

Tire Name Size Overall Diameter
D402 BIAS REAR MT90B16 25.70
D402 BIAS REAR MT90B16 25.70
D402 BIAS REAR MU85B16 25.71

What size tire is MH90 21?

An MH90-21 is the same (nominal) size as an 80/90-21. Metz do ME880s in 80/90-21 (80mm wide), MH90-21 (87mm), and 90/90-21 (92mm). Avon’s AM41s, on the other hand, have an 80/90-21 and an MH90-21 which are exactly the same width: 83mm.

How long does a tire last on a Harley?

Even if your motorcycle tires look good to you after five years from the date they were manufactured, have them inspected each year by a tire professional. Motorcycle tires never last longer than 10 years. If your bike’s tires are older than this, you need to replace them.

What is the best tire for Harley touring?

The Best Tires for My Harley-Davidson

  1. Dunlop American Elite Motorcycle Tires.
  2. Dunlop D408/407T (OE HD Tires)
  3. Dunlop D402 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tire.
  4. Dunlop D401 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tires.
  5. D429 (OE HD Tire)

What is the difference between MT90B16 and 130 90B16?

The MT 90 has a higher load rating of 72 compared to 67 for the 130/90 which accounts for the higher price.

What size tire for Harley Davidson?

Harley Davidson Tire Sizes by Dunlop (Rear) The 180/65B16 (BW) recommended rim is 5.00. The overall diameter is 25.33 and the width is 7.19. The recommended rim for the 180/65B16 (NWB) is 5.00.

What is the tire size for a Harley Sportster?

Stock tire sizes are 100/90-19 57H on the front, and 130/90-B16 73H on the rear. As for stopping power, the Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 883 braking system includes size at the front and size at the back.

What are the dimensions of a motorcycle tire?

The most common bike tires and tubes are 26-inch or 700c. 700c wheels measure approximately 29 inches in diameter with the tire installed.

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