What season is Butters introduced in South Park?

Season Three
Butters was renamed and properly introduced in the Season Three episode, “Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub”, alongside Dougie. His nickname is based on that of South Park animation director Eric Stough’s.

What episode of South Park does Butters?

Butters’ Very Own Episode
“Butters’ Very Own Episode” originally aired in the United States on Comedy Central on December 12, 2001….Butters’ Very Own Episode.

“Butters’ Very Own Episode”
South Park episode
Episode no. Season 5 Episode 14
Directed by Eric Stough
Written by Trey Parker

What episode does Cartman call Butters?

Jared Has Aides
Fan Question: What’s the episode where Cartman is on the phone with Butters’ parents, and he does that hilarious impersonation of Butters? Answer: That happens in Season 6’s “Jared Has Aides”.

Who is Butters bestfriend?

Eric Cartman
Best Friends Butters’ closest friendships are those with Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick.

What season does Kenny come back?

Kenny died in almost all the episodes until the writers killed him off permanently in the fifth season, in “Kenny Dies”, but he returned at the end of the next season’s finale, “Red Sleigh Down”, remarking that he has “just been over there” (pointing off-screen).

Who is Eric Cartmans best friend?

In earlier episodes, Kenny was his best friend, however, in later seasons, Butters Stotch is usually depicted as such. Cartman was the first one of the boys to be shown without his hat, as seen in “Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!”.

Who is the voice actor for Butters in South Park?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Leopold “Butters” Christopher Stotch (born September 11, 1988) is a fictional character in the animated television series South Park. He is voiced by series co-creator Matt Stone and loosely based on co-producer Eric Stough. He is a student at South Park Elementary School.

Who is Butters Stotch in South Park Elementary?

Leopold “Butters” Stotch is a major character in the series. He is a fourth grader in South Park Elementary. Butters’ role gradually began to increase after he replaced Kenny during his temporary removal in Season Six. This allowed Butters to gain more screen time and further develop his character.

Why did Butters travel back to South Park?

In the episode, Butters survives a murder attempt by his own mother after discovering his father’s homosexual dalliances and must travel back to South Park in time for his parents’ wedding anniversary at Bennigan’s.

How many episodes are there in South Park?

“Butters’ Very Own Episode” is the fourteenth and final episode of the fifth season of the animated television series South Park, and the 79th episode of the series overall.

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