What is the total for telemiracle?

Telemiracle has an all-time total raised of $145,793,395.

What is the telemiracle record?

Still, despite these changes, Telemiracle was able to succeed, thanks to the generosity of Saskatchewan residents. This year, the event raised $5,630,215. That is the highest total since Telemiracle 42, which brought in a record $7,151,256.

What is telemiracle?

TeleMiracle is the annual fundraising event where Saskatchewan is invited to “Ring Those Phones”! Money is raised all year long, culminating in a live 20-hour, televised telethon. Enter here to get involved in TeleMiracle, so the Kinsmen Foundation can continue “Helping People Every Day”!

Is telemiracle 2021 televised?

On TeleMiracle weekend, we invite you to get comfortable on the couch with your family, in the safety of your own home, and either tune in to CTV on your television or stream live from this website. It all starts at 6:15 p.m. on Saturday, February 27, 2021, with the Countdown to TeleMiracle!

How much did telemiracle 2021 raise?

Telemiracle on Saturday and Sunday at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon raised $5,630,215, bringing the total raised since 1977 to more than $145 million.

Who does telemiracle help?

Through the proceeds from the annual TeleMiracle telethon, the Foundation provides financial assistance for specialized mobility and medical equipment, and medical travel, that improves the quality of life and independence of thousands of Saskatchewan residents each year.

How much money did telemiracle raise in 2020?

TeleMiracle 45 raises $5.6M for Kinsmen Foundation.

How much money did TeleMiracle raise in 2020?

How much did TeleMiracle 2021 raise?

Who is hosting TeleMiracle 2021?

The cast will include plenty of familiar faces: Beverly Mahood and Brad Johner (each of whom has been appearing at Telemiracle for more than two decades), Jill Straker and brother Jeffery Straker (eight years for each as hosts), Jess Moskaluke, Andrea Menard, Glen Suitor, Chris Henderson, Lisa Moen and Mac Shepherd.

Who does TeleMiracle help?

What did TeleMiracle raise in 2021?

How can I leave a legacy through Telemiracle?

Click here to find out how to leave a legacy through TeleMiracle. Click here to go to our Donor Recognition page. The Kinsmen Foundation is the registered charity. Its board meets nine times per year to review funding applications and decides how the money raised through the TeleMiracle telethon should be gifted.

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Where can I get involved in Kinsmen Telemiracle?

Enter here to get involved in TeleMiracle, so the Kinsmen Foundation can continue “Helping People Every Day”! Kin Canada, who recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, is a volunteer service organization. Saskatchewan is in District 3 of that organization and are the ones who started the Kinsmen Foundation and TeleMiracle.

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