What is the story of Visage?

Set in the 1980s, Visage centers on Dwayne Anderson, who finds himself trapped inside a large, seemingly deserted house with a bloody history. As he explores the rooms and halls, Dwayne is haunted by surreal and terrifying remnants of the past as he uncovers the gruesome secrets that tie him to this place.

Is Visage really scary?

Visage is one of the most terrifying games I’ve ever played, full stop, but it’s not going to be for all horror fans. The game’s perplexing puzzles, convoluted story, and rough edges will turn off some, but if you can stick it out, there’s a good chance it will eventually sink its hooks into you.

Who makes Visage?

Visage (video game)

Developer(s) SadSquare Studio
Publisher(s) SadSquare Studio
Designer(s) Jonathan Vallières
Programmer(s) Jonathan Gagné

Does Visage have multiple endings?

Like many games, Visage has multiple endings players can achieve, allowing them to have an essentially different experience each time they play. In one secret, alternate ending, players will need to purposely allow their character to die.

Who is Dwayne in Visage?

Dwayne Anderson is the main protagonist of Visage. He is the game’s final resident that lives through the past traumas of the previous residence.

Is Visage the scariest game ever?

For fans of horror games, Visage is a nightmare that you can’t miss; it’s the scariest game I’ve ever played. Through effective use of a chilling atmosphere, rising apprehension, and just the right amount of shocks and surprises, Visage is the haunted house from hell that scares your socks off.

Is Visage easy?

Visage isn’t just a simple a PT clone, but an evolution of that concept. Visage is a homage to countless survival horror games and movies that came before and it’s utterly terrifying and challenging. This is a horror game for horror fans and doesn’t hold back.

Is Visage worth buying?

The puzzles in Visage are challenging. Some would say they’re aggravating. While $35 is pretty steep for an indie game, we have to say (despite some bugs that have planned fixes) Visage is worth the price.

How many Visage endings are there?

In their monthly Kickstarter update, SadSquare announced that Visage will include multiple endings for players to endure. “Visage has always been about making sure that everyone gets a different experience, and we felt that leaving the player with only one ending would get in the way of reaching that very goal.”

How long is the game Visage?

You can expect to finish the game in generally 8 to 10 hours, but you can also obtain an ending in just one hour, while completionists will be playing for 15 to 20 hours.

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