What is the story of the Firebird ballet?

The Firebird ballet tells the story of Prince Ivan who defeats the evil Kastchei with the help of the Firebird, who offers one of her enchanted feathers to Prince Ivan after he spares her life while hunting in the forest.

Who danced the Firebird?

Michel Fokine
The Firebird

L’Oiseau de feu The Firebird
Léon Bakst: Firebird, Ballerina, 1910
Choreographer Michel Fokine
Music Igor Stravinsky
Based on Russian folk tales

What Stravinsky’s Firebird was originally written for?

In 1909, when Stravinsky was 27, he was commissioned by Sergei Diaghilev to write a ballet based on the Russian legend, the Firebird. The work was completed in 1910 and premiered at the Paris Opera.

How many movements are in the Firebird Suite?

The Firebird was later made into a five-movement instrumental suite, and SmartMusic has several arrangements of this piece available for your band or orchestra. The piece provides an excellent point of entry into twentieth-century music for your students and audiences.

What does The Firebird symbolize?

In Russian folklore, the firebird represents a treasure that is rare and difficult to possess. This is emphasized by descriptions of the bird, which often refer to its golden or glowing feathers and eyes that resemble jewels. The fact that just one of its feathers contains magic suggests the great power of the bird.

What is a fire bird called?

The Firebird is described as a large bird with majestic plumage that glows brightly emitting red, orange, and yellow light, like a bonfire that is just past the turbulent flame.

What does The Firebird give to the prince?

In Stravinsky’s ballet, with a scenario written by Michel Fokine and Alexandre Benois, the creature is half-woman, half-bird. She is captured by Prince Ivan, but when he sets her free she gives him a magic feather, which he uses to defeat the spell of Kaschei the Immortal, who had captured thirteen princesses.

What did Stravinsky produce when he was 29?

Two years later, Stravinsky created a work that was even more revolutionary — The Rite of Spring, which was produced by Diaghilev and his Ballets Russes in Paris on May 29, 1913.

Is firebird a real bird?

The firebird is a magical bird with golden feathers and crystal eyes that appears in many Russian folk stories.

Do you know the story of “the Firebird”?

The story of the Firebird comes from a variety of Russian fairy tales and brings together not only the Romantic interest in the supernatural but also a sense of nationalism that is often inherent in Russian music of this period. For Stravinsky the goal was to come up with a way of representing for the audience the swirling and soaring

What is the Firebird dance?

Firebird Dance is a great multi cultural dance group that my children have been attending since they were toddlers. The lessons and stage performances have enhanced their agility, balance and strength. They are also developing grace, rhythm, discipline, confidence, and lifelong friendships.

What is the story of the Firebird Suite?

The story of the Firebird Suite is based on a Russian folk tale and is divided into five movements.

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