What is the price of Samsung touch screen?

List of Samsung Touch Screen Phones with price ranging from Rs. 4,999 to Rs. 157,999….Samsung Touch Screen Phones (2021)

Samsung Touch Screen Phones Prices
Samsung Galaxy M51 Rs. 18,149
Samsung Galaxy F22 Rs. 11,149
Samsung Galaxy M42 5G Rs. 19,499
Samsung Galaxy M12 Rs. 9,649

Which touch screen phone is best?

OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G Price: Rs. 38,149. 90%

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S Price: Rs. 14,999. 84%
  • OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G Price: Rs. 23,349. 89%
  • POCO M3 Price: Rs. 11,999. 80%
  • OnePlus Nord CE 5G Price: Rs. 22,999. 88%
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9 Price: Rs. 8,999. 69%
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Price: Rs. 117,900. 97%
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power Price: Rs.
  • How do I fix my Samsung touch screen?

    How to fix an unresponsive touchscreen on a Galaxy device

    1. Force the phone to reboot. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power key for 7 to 10 seconds to perform a forced reboot or soft reset.
    2. Optimize device performance.
    3. Reboot the phone in safe mode.
    4. Back up and Factory Reset.

    Which smartphone has the highest touch sampling rate?

    Samsung Galaxy S21/S20+ & Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first Samsung phone to include 120Hz refresh rate support at 2K resolution.

  • Asus ROG Phone 5.
  • OnePlus 9 Pro.
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.
  • Vivo X60 Pro Plus / Vivo X60 Pro / Vivo X60.
  • Realme X7 Max 5G.
  • Poco X3 Pro.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max.
  • Which is the latest Samsung touch screen phone?

    Battery: Mobiles such as Samsung Galaxy F62 8GB RAM, Samsung Galaxy F62 and Samsung Galaxy M51 8GB RAM offer long battery life. Latest Samsung Touch Screen Phones: Phones like Samsung Galaxy M42 5G, Samsung Galaxy M42 5G 8GB RAM and Samsung Galaxy F12 were launched in the last 30 days.

    Which is the best Samsung phone to buy?

    Most popular phones: Samsung Galaxy M30s, Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy A71 rank high on the popularity charts. Best phones: With a spec score of 98, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the best phone to buy, followed by Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 1TB and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 512GB with the spec score of 97 and 97 respectively.

    What’s the price of a Samsung Galaxy phone?

    Galaxy Note Series Starting from $349.99 The Galaxy Note series is a computer, pro-grade camera and editing suite in your pocket. This is a new kind of phone for a new way of life with limitless possibilities.

    What are the names of all the Samsung phones?

    θ 1 Galaxy S 2 Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy Z 4 Galaxy A 5 Galaxy XCover

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