What is the maximum interest rate for military?

six percent per year
50 U.S.C. § 3937. The SCRA limits the amount of interest that may be charged on certain financial obligations that were incurred prior to military service to no more than six percent per year, including most fees.

Do military members get lower interest rates?

When you make a proper request for an interest rate reduction under the SCRA, your lender must reduce your interest rate to 6 percent for the entire time you are serving on active duty. Your lender can’t add the amount of interest above 6 percent back into the loan later on after you leave active duty.

What is SCRA protection?

The SCRA enables servicemembers to devote their time and attention to the defense needs of the Nation by providing protections related to such things as rental agreements, security deposits, prepaid rent, evictions, installment contracts, credit card interest rates, automobile repossessions, mortgage interest rates.

Who is not covered by SCRA?

The SCRA does not apply to criminal cases, only civil cases. Civil cases are those in which one individual or business sues another to protect, enforce, or address private or civil rights.

Are there limits on how much interest you can charge on a military loan?

Yes, if you are in military service, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) limits the amount of interest you can be charged for certain loans or other obligations you took out prior to entry into active duty military service to 6 percent.

Are there interest rates for joining the military?

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) offers military members many protections, including the ability to have interest rates reduced to 6% when they join the military, or when they are activated if they are members of the Guard or Reserves.

What does reduced interest rate mean on military debt?

Whether you are “materially affected” can mean different things in different situations. Reduced interest rates — Creditors must reduce the interest rate on debts to 6% for liabilities incurred before you entered active duty. If the debt is a mortgage, the reduced rate extends for one year after active-military service.

What are the interest rates for active duty?

For all other debts, interest is capped at 6% only while you are on active duty. Besides credit cards and mortgages, the SCRA reduces interest on vehicle and boat loans, home equity loans and student loans. Be aware and get what you are entitled to.

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