What is the best werewolf romance book on Wattpad?

Best Werewolf / Mate Books

  • Dear Diary, I Have a Mate.
  • My Dark and Powerful Mate.
  • Bond Mates (Completed) 9.5M 152K 41.
  • Alpha Logan. 2.2M 48.6K 25.
  • Fighting to go on. 10.3M 146K 37.
  • My Protective Alpha Mate. 9.8M 208K 27.
  • “My Alpha Mate” 10.7M 132K 51.

Are you happy now werewolf novel?

Reminiscent of Richard Russo’s Straight Man, Are You Happy Now? is a comic novel about the hard work of understanding what it is you want. With Lincoln’s prodding and guidance, Amy writes a sex-filled novel that draws on her experience. Her book indeed opens doors for Lincoln—but not in the way he imagined.

Is wattpad free to use?

Wattpad is a free app (and website) that lets readers and writers discover and share stories. There are over 375 million stories uploaded on the platform, with over 50 languages supported, so there’s no guarantee that Wattpad is a quick ticket to fame, success, and book sales.

What wattpad books have been published?

11 Published Books That Started Out on Wattpad

  • Silence by Natasha Preston – Our Top Pick.
  • Trapeze by Leigh Ansell.
  • Vicious Depths by Madeline Stanford.
  • Textrovert by Lindsey Summers.
  • After by Anna Todd.

What is the most read Wattpad?

7 Most Viewed Books On Wattpad With Over Million Readers

  1. Roommates.
  2. After.
  3. After 2.
  4. After 3.
  5. Mr.
  6. The cell phone swap.
  7. Chasing red.

Is Wattpad still popular 2021?

Wattpad has a passionate community of readers, currently over 70 million. I would expect this number to grow, as the company has some major investors behind it and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Who are the best author in Wattpad?

From writing online to a publishing deal: meet six Wattpad…

  1. Anna Todd. Hailing from Texas, Anna Todd is perhaps the best known of Wattpad success stories.
  2. Beth Reekles.
  3. Abigail Gibbs.
  4. Lilian Carmine.
  5. Nikki Kelly.
  6. Brittany Geragotellis.

Which country uses Wattpad the most?

the Philippines
Wattpad, a global multiplatform entertainment company with more than 65 million monthly users worldwide, continues its growth in the Philippines with 7 over million monthly users. This makes the Philippines the second largest market after the United States.

What are werewolf stories?

The Story of Lycaon. The story of Lycaon, which originated in Greek mythology , has been viewed as one of the first werewolf stories ever. According to legend, Lycaon was a cruel leader of a cult. Rumors of the atrocities committed by Lycaon and his cult made their way back to the God Jupiter , who decided to investigate.

What are the best romance books on Wattpad?

Top 10 Romance books on Wattpad 10. Stolen Jerseys – bradmcquaid 9. Letterman Jacket – arrowheads 8. Fangirl! – AngelLawson 7. My Life in Ruins (My Life series book #1)- writeon27 6. Beautiful Heist (Triumvirate Histories #1) – writeon27 5. My Wattpad Love – cold_lady19 4. The Heartbreak Chronicles – Fallzswimmer

What is the history of werewolves?

Werewolves have been traced back to the origins of mankind and have been historically found in caves dated back to prehistoric man.

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